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How Much Faster is an Ebike Compared to a Regular Bike?

  Riders interested in transitioning from a standard bike to an ebike are often curious how their new purchase will affect their commute times or errand runs.  How fast does a 500w electric bike go ?  What about 250w? While there are no simple answers, there are basic guidelines for the speeds that certain models are capable of attaining under throttle power. Here are a few of the basics for understanding ebike speeds.   Understanding Pedal Power and Full Throttle Modes   The speed you can reach on your bike is entirely dependent on the mode you decide to use while riding. Every electric bike can be pedaled with no electric assistance whatsoever. Without any assistance, your bike can reach the speed you would naturally with a standard bike, though the weight of a motor may slightly influence your speed.   The two power modes on most electric models are referred to as "pedal-assist," and "full throttle." Pedal-assist simply assists your pedaling so it feels easier an