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Getting to Mongolia on the Cheapest Way

Mongolia is located in East Asia between China and Russia, with no direct flights coming from the Philippines. It was my dream a long time ago to travel to this country. I got a chance when Cebu Pacific had their famous Piso fare promotion. I immediately booked a flight with my friend to Beijing.  Mongolia is a Visa-free country for Philippine Passport holders and can stay up to 30 days. There are few countries to transit either via Hongkong, Incheon, or Beijing to the countries capital Ulaanbaatar, but be in mind that flights for a one-way ticket are approximately 200USD.  I will be sharing only via Beijing since we took that route to Ulaanbaatar in the cheapest way possible. The original plan was to take the 14 hours train from Beijing to Erlian and an overnight train from Zamid udd to Ulaanbaatar.  A month before our flight to Beijing, we decided to change the plan. Instead, we book a flight to Erlian and a 12 hours bus ride passing by the Gobi desert to save time.  Our flight arriv