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A Short Trip in Fukuoka Japan

Japan is one of the countries I love most, among others I'd visited because of the culture, the people, and the environment, which I learned a lot when my first visit last June 2017 in Tokyo City.

When I was planning to travel to South Korea for winter experience, it came to my mind to cross country in Japan since I have a Multiple Visa. Fukuoka has located in the southern part of Japan. It is just about an hour by plane from Seoul, South Korea.
The plane left Incheon Airport around 2 pm, and we arrived in Fukuoka Airport at 3:25 pm. Fukuoka is a quiet city. Unlike Tokyo, it's bustling. I booked a room in an Airbnb, and luckily, the location is just about 5-minute walk to Airport Train Station. I've stayed in Fukuoka for 3 days, and my friend will stay in Japan for 10 days.
On our first day, we decided to relax and rest since we arrived late afternoon; in Fukuoka, the weather was nice. It is not really cold as Seoul.
The next day we woke up around 7 am and had our breakfast in one of Lawton convenience stores in the area before we headed to Dazaifu. From Nishitetsu Fukuoka Station, we are lucky because we board a Dazaifu line direct to Dazaifu Station. We don't need to transit in Nishitetsu Futsukaichi Station to change a train.
Dazaifu is an Old city in Japan. It's known for the grand Tenmangu Shrine, when we arrived there, was a little raindrop. I thought that this place was not crowded but to my surprised many Chinese folks around.  The tourist spot is just a short walk from the station. After roaming around in the area, we decided to go to Tenjin to take our lunch w; while walking, I just noticed a long line in one of the stores. In my curiosity, I also fell in to try their best seller called Umegaemoti. Well, it's very delicious, that's why the line is too long, it is worth waiting.

We arrived in Tenjin around 2 pm, and we ate our lunch in Mcdo near the station and roaming around after for pass time before going home.

On my last day in Fukuoka, we woke early to prepare for our departure. My friend will have headed to Nagoya since he has JR pass and flying back to the Philippines. We went to Hakata Station to help my friend redeem his JR pass to a ticket, and around 9 am, we bid goodbye.
I went back to my hotel and fixed my things before check-out time. My flight to Manila is 8 pm, so I have more time to explore. I decided to go to Nanzion Temple located in Sasaguri it's very accessible by train from Fukuoka center. From Hakata Station, I board a train bound to Kidonanzoin-Mae Station, we arrived at the station after 30 minutes bypassing the beautiful scenery on the other side of Japan. The Temple is just a short walk from the station you will not get lost and find easily. I like the place because of its secluded, there is no tourist around unlike in Dazaifu.
3 pm when I decided to go back to the center to take my lunch before heading to the Airport. I went to Hakata to look for a place to eat ramen. The tourism booth suggested that the Ichiran is one of the best Ramen, so I walked around to look at the place. The moment I enter you will choose which one you like, 1st is the open area it's just like a common restaurant "without privacy" 2nd the with privacy, so I choose the second. I went upstairs, ordered a bowl of Hakata Ramen in a machine, and gave their
staff the ticket. What I can say about the Ramen "Sore wa hijo ni oishi desu" (It's very delicious).
It was 5 pm when I decided to go to the airport because I didn't want to miss my flight, it's better early than sorry, actually Fukuoka airport can be reached in less than 30 minutes from the center.

The check-in counter opened when I arrived, The immigration process was really smooth, and the airport was not crowded. 8:30 pm when the plane left Fukuoka, and we arrived in Manila at 11:30 PM.


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