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A Short Trip in Fukuoka Japan

Japan is one of the countries I love most, among others I'd visited because of the culture, the people, and the environment, which I learned a lot when my first visit last June 2017 in Tokyo City. When I was planning to travel to South Korea for winter experience, it came to my mind to cross country in Japan since I have a Multiple Visa. Fukuoka has located in the southern part of Japan. It is just about an hour by plane from Seoul, South Korea. The plane left Incheon Airport around 2 pm, and we arrived in Fukuoka Airport at 3:25 pm. Fukuoka is a quiet city. Unlike Tokyo, it's bustling. I booked a room in an Airbnb, and luckily, the location is just about 5-minute walk to Airport Train Station. I've stayed in Fukuoka for 3 days, and my friend will stay in Japan for 10 days. On our first day, we decided to relax and rest since we arrived late afternoon; in Fukuoka, the weather was nice. It is not really cold as Seoul. The next day we woke up around 7 a