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Safety Must-Haves You Can Have at Home

Your home is considered to be your haven. This is the place that you will retire to after a long day at work. You can spend a few hours relaxing. You can forget about your stress and responsibilities for a while. What if someone tries to break that peace? You may be relaxing when you would suddenly hear your backdoor knob start to turn. What are you supposed to do about it? A lot of people realize right then and there that they do not have the right equipment to protect themselves at home if in case a situation like that occurs. You do not wait for that to happen. You need to have the right items at home that will allow you to protect your home, yourself, and the rest of your family members. ·          Stun Gun You need the best stun guns if you want to protect the intruder from what he is doing. The key to using this is to take the intruder by surprise. He must not feel that you are nearby. There are different stun guns that you can find in the market right now b

A Short Trip in Fukuoka Japan

Japan is one of the countries I love most among other I'd visited because of the culture, the people and the environment, which I learned a lot when my first visit last June 2017 in Tokyo City. When I was planning to travel to South Korea for winter experience it came to my mind to cross country in Japan since I have a Multiple Visa. Fukuoka has located in southern part of Japan it is just about an hour by plane from Seoul, South Korea. The plane left Incheon Airport around 2 pm and we arrived in Fukuoka Airport at 3:25 pm, Fukuoka is a quiet city unlike Tokyo it's very busy. I booked a room in an Airbnb and luckily the location is a just about 5-minute walk to Airport Train Station. I've stayed in Fukuoka for 3 days and my friend will stay in Japan for 10 days. In our first day we decided to relaxed and rest since we arrived late afternoon, In Fukuoka the weather is nice it is not really cold as Seoul. The next day we woke up around 7 am and have our

Cheap And Must-Have Motorcycle Tools

Majority of the people look for inexpensive motorcycle equipment. Well, we do have some materials that can make you the best performance from your motorbikes: Motorcycle Helmets For Sale   In the marketplace, we have some inexpensive motorcycle helmets that provide accurate performance for several years. Consider all your desires, expectations and purchase the specific motorcycle that will provide you enjoyment without causing any injury:  1.   Steelbird SBA-Mat Black Motorbike Helmet – This helmet is manufactured by one of the best companies (Steelbird) in India. The full face L sized Steelbird SBA is a perfect motorcycle helmet for men. The helmet weighs only 1.2 kgs and so can be easily taken to different places. 2.    Studds Chrome Eco Motorsports Helmet – This is a powerful helmet that helps in avoiding several types of head injuries. The helmet has a moving ventilation system that provides a huge sense of comfortability. This helmet has a royal look and is ideal for both

A Day in Gapyeong County | Nami Island & Petite France

Nami Island, Petite France, and The Garden of the Morning Calm are both located in Gapyeong County it is about an hour by train from Seoul city.  How to get in Nami Island, Petite France, and Garden in the Morning Calm. From Seoul City ride a train to Yongsan station from there buy an ITX ticket bound to Gapyeong fare is 5000won.  From gapyeong station wait for a bus and buy a day pass ticket in the driver where you can use it going to Nami, Petite France and  The Garden of the Morning Calm cost at 6000won just keep it until the end of the day. The first destination of the bus is Nami ferry terminal, from Nami Immigration booth buy a ticket to Nami Island fare is 10,000won. The ferry leaves every 15 minutes and they also have a free Wi-Fi on-board but expect that the connection is a little bit slow. Nami Island or locally called it Namiseom it is a half-moon shape island surrounded by Han River. The Island is famous in Korean drama scene l

A Tropical Boy in South Korea | Winter Escapade

It was really my dream to have experience the Snow, as we all know that every tropical people does. When I was dreaming about how lovely playing with the snowfall it was came to my mind to look for a ticket soon, When Cebu Pacific Air had their 1 fare in the middle of the year of 2017, I got the chance to book a flight and I was really excited to the day to come. I researched a lot looking for tips on how to survive the winter in South Korea, but before that, I was nervous since I need to secure a Korean Visa before I fly, but no one can't stop me dreaming about playing in the snow. 3 months before my flight I applied for a Korean visa and processed with the help of a Travel Agency in Iloilo.  After 15 days I got my passport with a sticker of a Korean Visa, Yes! I did it I got approved. Time flies, all my bags are packed and I’m ready to go. My flight to Incheon is 1:40 AM from Kalibo Airport. When I arrived at the Airport, the terminal is full packed with a Korean and Chinese f

The Beauty of Tawi Tawi Province

Tawi Tawi Province is located in the southern end part of the Philippines it is about an hour to reach the Sandakan, Malaysia. The only Jump off point by plane if will coming from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao is the airport of Zamboanga. There is two airline fly to this province, namely Cebu Pacific Air and Platinum. Another option to reach the province is by sea route from Zamboanga City to Jolo, Sulu to Tawi Tawi it will take more or less 20hrs.