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Antique Province Eco-Adventure | Las Islas Travel and Tours

Antique Province has a lot of adventure to offer for kids to Senior Citizen, My friend Jherson invited me to join his team to a weekend adventure in the three municipalities composed of Pandan, Culasi and Tibiao.

The team meets me in boracay as I based on the island. We left the island around 2pm, our first destination is the Malumpati Cold Spring. It's approximately 1 hour from Caticlan Jetty Port. The shuttle (Suzuki APV) of Las Islas Travel and Tours is very spacious and comfortable.
As we leave Caticlan I was so excited because such my first time in Malumpati Cold Spring and adventures awaits.

We arrived in Malumpati around 4:40pm and a perfect time because some of the people are preparing to go home. The first adventure is the River Tubing, but before that we headed in the Blue Lagoon of Malumpati before our actual adventure starts. The tour guide is very knowledgeable it comes to the safety of their guest.

The tubing will take more or less 15 minutes and those 4 rapids on the way, it was more fun with the guides, there's a lot of pakulo (Surprises) prepared. I told my guide kuya Jayson that I don't know how to swim haha, but he guaranteed of our safety as we wear a life vest before we embark to the reality.
Another adventures await as we finish the tubing, cliff jumping is next on the list, first I was nervous because I saw a post on a social media of what happened to a girl who jumped and her spinal cord got broke down, but I tried and nothings happen, hooray! The cliff jumping is approximately 15 feet high.
It was past 6 in the evening when we left malumpati and headed to Tibiao where the Kasa Raya Inn is located, our home in Antique for the next 2 days.
Kasa Raya Inn is located in Brgy. Importante, it is a perfect location since it is just beside the highway. We prepare ourselves for a bountiful dinner served as we arrived, the food is perfectly delicious. 

I've been to this island back then March 2016, my first expression was the Island is beautiful they take my breath and my heart are left. 
I woke up early to catch the 5:30 am schedule of Mass with my tour mate ate Sharon, before our second day fun adventure starts. 

Humbasilog is our breakfast, it was perfectly slow cooked, the pork is tender and juicy, and the chef behind it is Mr. Alex the owner of  the Kasa Raya Inn.
Malalison Island or local people called it Mararison, it's a hook shape island with a total population of 750 and 153 households, fishing and guiding is only their daily source of income. The Island doesn't have electricity from the supplier, but instead they have a big generator set that cater the whole island starts at 6pm until 10pm only. 

8 am when we left the inn and headed to Culasi wharf it is about 20 minutes from Tibiao, upon arrival we enlist our name in the guest list of local tourism office. One of the Las Islas trained tour guide Kuya Noy joined us to our tours on the day. The journey from the wharf to Malalison Island is approximately 15 minutes.

While approaching, I was really excited to see it again as it is. The people are very accommodating and welcoming to their guest. When we arrived, I just look for ate ging ging because she is my tour guide in my first visit in the island, unfortunately her turn is finished and she already went home. 
We start our trekking in Lantawan Hills around 9 am,  it will take more or less 2 hours including photo ops. The sun is up so it's a little bit hot since there is no trees on the way, but the view is worth it. 
at the end of the trekking there is a motor boat waiting down hill, but it is voluntarily if you want to take or not, the charge is 150/ boat for 3 people. My team decided to take that one since we have a limited time on the island. Do not think about the charge thinks that you help them to save their day. 
The Las Islas Travel Agency prepared our lunch cooked by the local people of the island, they prepared a fresh seafood for us and I was full of what I have eaten.

We leave the island around 1:30 pm and headed to our next destination which is a pottery workshop in Tibiao. It was fun as we made our very own Pot, but I don't know what I am doing, trial and error at the end it was an ERROR, but I was so happy to make my very first Vase. haha :D. 
Actually, this is not included in our itinerary, but we choose this and skip the Traditional Blacksmith and Loom Weavers instead. The trek will take about 20 minutes to reach this beautiful falls by passing in a small village on the way.  

We take the Kawa Hot Bath to ease our stress in our body in whole day adventures in Malalison and Bugtong Bato Falls. The Hot bath will take only 30 minutes, but were lucky enough because we are the last guest who will use the Kawa, that means we can stay as long as we want. They put some organic leaves that goods to our skin and gives aroma to the waters while they cook us. haha!

On the last day before we headed to kalibo we do side trip in Loom weaving that supposed to be in the second day of our itinerary, It was fun, but its hard to make a finish cloth that they sell to the tourist. The loom weaving is located in Tibiao its just near in Kaya Raya Inn.  

Special thanks to Las Islas Travel and Tours team for making this Eco-Adventure Tour in Antique .

Las Islas Travel and Tours offers a hassle-free tour package not only in Antique but also in Capiz, Gigantes Island and the rest of Panay Island.

This Tours is sponsored by Las Islas, for booking or inquiry you may contact them directly. 

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