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Chartered Flight of Philippine Airlines | PR 2242 - Cebu to Kalibo

I've been on a Philippines Airlines flight across the Philippines in the past few years, but this is the memorable one, a flight that I've never ever expected in my whole travel career.

Back then, when I was planning my Zamboanga, Basilan, and Tawi-Tawi travels, I was thinking of escaping Manila as my transit airport. Instead, I use Davao on my onward flight to Zamboanga from Iloilo and Cebu as my return flight to Kalibo.
I rush myself going to the airport from Cebu City, I miss the 6:40 pm schedule of My bus going to Mactan-Cebu International Airport, I ride to the 7 pm schedule instead, I was a little bit nervous since my scheduled flight is 9 pm.
I got worried about the traffic that would cause me to miss my flight, but I made it. I reach the airport an hour before my flight schedule.

The last time I departed/arrived at this airport was in 2011, my 1st ever travel. There's a lot of changes, and it is more beautiful now. I headed straight to the check-in counter to get a boarding pass since I checked in online.

I gave my ID to the young lady and told her to please change my seat in the front row, but she replied that all seats in front were blocked. I used to sit in the front row so that I could get out of the airplane quickly.
The young lady told me that I could change later when I board the aircraft because I am the only passenger on this flight. I don't mind what she says because it's not possible. She gave me my boarding pass, and I headed straight to the pre-departure area and waited for my boarding announcement.

I thought that my flight was delayed because my boarding time was 8:30 and, The time was already 8:40 pm; 10 minutes later, the ground crew paging my name. Hence, I went to the boarding gate, she told me that it was boarding time. I was confused and told her Why she did not announce my flight's boarding because I thought I was late.
The ground crew told me that I was the only passenger who booked that flight. I was shocked and reply really? How it happened, so I still confused until I reach the aircraft and there's no passenger around except myself. 

I was so ashamed of the 4 cabin crew and 2 pilots because the plane was all by myself. As I was still confused about what happened, I asked the ground crew why the airline did not cancel my flight as other airlines did. It was amazed me why the other person did not book on the same flight.

I thought that the ground crew was joking, but it's not, I told myself, is this true? How? Many questions on my mind, hahaha, so I sat down on the business class seat instead. The Cabin Crew told me that the plane we used had an international flight on the next day. They need to fly to Kalibo with or without a passenger. I was so lucky that day! :D
I've been traveling for almost 5 years now, but this is the best flight I ever had on a chartered flight (self-proclaimed, haha) with an exceptional service of the cabin crew on board.
When I arrived at Kalibo International Airport around 10 pm, the ground crew waited for the cabin door to open. They didn't know that there was no other passenger on board. Of course, I was timid and happy.

Thank you to the Cabin Crew on-board of Philippine Airlines flight PR 2242 – October 25, 2017.


  1. This is very lovely ,outstanding and the best travel blog I have ever read!

    I wish to experience that as well.


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