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Cross-Border: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia to Muara, Brunei via Labuan Island

It was my second day in Kota Kinabalu, and I was thinking of visiting Labuan Island before I headed to Brunei for my flight back to the Philippines. The bus from KK to Brunei will take more or less 10 hours, and I can’t do it anymore since I took that bus from Brunei to KK. The weather in Borneo is sweltering, and there are 4 borders to cross. It is a very tiring route.
Labuan Express Tiga bound to Labuan Island
I went to Jesselton Port, just a 5-minute walk from Hotel Grandis where I stayed for 2 nights to buy a ticket to Brunei via Labuan Island on The next day, and I paid 60 Ringgit and extra 5 Ringgit for a 1st class seat to Labuan.
Ticket Booth for Brunei via Labuan
I'm roaming around the pier and nothing an interesting, my planned was to do an Island hopping in Gaya and nearby island, since there’s a lot of tourist on that day I decided to cancel it because I will not enjoy the tour.

The next morning I wake up around 6am to fix my things before I take my breakfast since the departure time of the fast craft is 8am sharp. I check out by 7:30am, 30 minutes before the departure, and walk to the pier.
Ticket booth for the Island Hopping
I headed to the security check and board the fast craft after. The journey to Labuan will take 3 hours, passing by the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park Island. The sea was so calm, and we arrived on the Duty-Free island of Labuan around 11am. There are 2 more hours to stay on the island buying some Duty-free items like chocolates, it is very cheap compared to KK and Brunei.
Jesseltson Terminal Hall
My Ticket to Brunei via Labuan
Approaching Labuan Island
Inside the Fast Craft in First Class seat
I walk around to look for food to eat with my heavy luggage full of things and souvenirs. The weather on the island is around 34 deg. And it is sweltering. J. I went back to the pier around 12:30pm. I paid 5 ringgit for the Terminal fee and boarding pass. 
Welcome to Labuan Island
While falling in line in the immigration booth, one of the Malaysian IO noticed me and started to interrogate nicely, asking me what I would do in Brunei because they know that Brunei is nothing special to offer to the tourist, I said to him that I will transit back to the Philippines, He asked my plane ticket because he makes sure that I will transit only. I was so nervous that time, but I kept myself calm and chill as we talked casually after he asked me again if I had money. I said yes. He relied on how much? Can you show it to me? I get my wallet to show him that I have enough US dollars to support my transit in Brunei.
Labuan Express Tiga 
After we ended our conversation as I am approaching in the Immigration booth, he told me that we will secure that you will arrive in Brunei safe as the Bruneian IO will ask you for show money, have a safe journey back home.

I am the last passenger who boards the fast craft. The fast craft that we used from KK to Labuan change into a small one with economy class only. The journey to Serasa pier in Muara will take 1 hour. While on the trip, I was thinking that the transportation from Serasa to BSB is challenging since there is no fix a time that the bus will arrive
Dataran Labuan
My seatmate borrowed my pen as we fill-up the arrival form. After that, I opened a topic regarding the bus going to the Brunei Airport. He is a Malaysian lived in Kuala Lumpur, and he has a project in the airport of Brunei. After one hour, we arrived at Serasa pier and bid goodbye to each other, but when we left the fast craft, he approached me that he could give a ride all the way to Brunei Airport. Yay! I said sure. Thank you so much, I got a passport stamped, and there is no more question in the Bruneian IO as I present my onward ticket to The Philippines. 
Labuan Ferry Terminal
I waited for Mr. Jung because he got his car parked outside in the terminal. In 30 minutes, we talked a lot about my travels and his work, and he told me that his family is in Labuan for vacation.

He dropped me off in the departure hall of the airport and bid goodbye.

I arrived at Brunei Airport around 3pm and the flight scheduled at 10pm. My former college professor picked me up around 6pm for dinner with his son and company. After dinner, we went back to the airport, and we check-in into our flight together. 


  1. Seems like to me a #bucketlist if your mission is lotsa #passportstamps! :D Hope I could visit Brunei and KK too!


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