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My First Time Experience in Immigration Officer Q&A at NAIA T1

When my travel date approached, I was so excited yet kind of nervous since this was my first time traveling abroad. I read a lot of blog posts regarding how to handle Immigration and not being offloaded. 

The time has come I fly to Manila from Kalibo Airport. The departure was supposed to be at 5:25pm via Airasia. Unfortunately, as always, the turnaround aircraft was delayed for 1.5 hours. We departed around 6:45pm and arrived in NAIA T4 at 7:50pm. My connecting flight was in Terminal 1. I used the free transfer service of MIAA instead of taking a taxi, so I waited again for almost 30 minutes. 

The shuttle picks me up in the waiting area of the terminal and brings me to NAIA T1. This is my first time stepping foot in this terminal since most domestic flights depart from Terminal 2, 3, and 4.

I arrived in NAIA 1 around 8:30pm, and the check-in counter was still closed. I fell in line at the Jet star counter and waited until 9pm. While waiting, I chat with my friend Paula to keep me relaxed because my heart is beating so fast.

Finally, the check-in counter is open for the flight going to Narita and Nagoya. The staff called me, and I gave my passport together with my Travel Tax Receipt

She returned my passport with a boarding pass and departure card. Before I headed to the Immigration to get my passport stamp and for the final security check, I messaged Paula asking what to do next and asked her not to go to bed until I got through in the Immigration. Hehe, I love my friend Paula so much. Hehe

I filled up the departure card and preparing myself for a lengthy interview as I expected. While approaching Immigration, I checked where the girl IO was assigned and fell in that line.

Before my trip, I collected all the documents needed as much as possible to be prepared in case.

It was my turn now. I gave my passport, boarding pass, and departure card to the beautiful young lady (Immigration Officer). My heart is beating so fast, and I can't stop it. I am so nervous, but I keep myself calm so that the IO will not notice. One question, One Answer as Paula said, and I did it.

Our conversation with the Immigration Officer.

While checking my passport, she looked at my face and stared into my eyes. In return, I keep my eyes busy with other things because I don't want to make eye-to-eye contact.

IO: Where are you going?
Me: Tokyo, Japan
IO: New passport or first time to travel abroad?
Me: First time to travel abroad.
IO: Are you traveling solo?
Me: Yes
IO: How many days are intended to stay in Japan?
Me: 3 days
IO: Do you have a return ticket?
Me: Yes
IO: Can you see it?
Me: Sure
    I gave my onward ticket afterward she returned it
IO: What is your work?
Me: I worked in a hotel on Boracay Island
IO: Do you have a company Id? May I borrow it?
Me: Yes, I have.
    I gave them my company ID, she returned after checking it.
IO: Do you have a hotel in Japan?
Me: Yes, I have.
IO: May I borrow your hotel voucher?
Me: Sure,
IO: Do you have Itinerary in Tokyo?
Me: Yes, I have.
IO: May I borrow.
    While checking my Itinerary, my heart would burst because of nervousness, she returned my Itinerary.
IO: Why 3 days only? It's very short for Japan
Me: Because 4 days is the only vacation leave that I can file in the office.
IO: Ahmmmm!!
    Look to the camera, few seconds, okay done.
    Passport stamp.
    Enjoy Japan! (With a smile on her face).
Me: I will thank you so much.

After getting in the final security check, I felt relief, and that time I wanted to shout YES!. I was thinking, why she's not asking more questions? Maybe because I have a Visa on my passport? Or maybe I wear a sky blue long sleeve or because of my hairstyle just like Dr. Jose Rizal? Or in my smile? Hehe, I don't know, but thanks, G, for helping me. And of course to the most beautiful lady, my friend Paula. :-)

Make sure to bring all the documents needed to show that you can support your travel abroad as a tourist. Our Philippines Immigration Officer makes sure that we will arrive at our destination safely and avoid Human Trafficking. That's why they're strictly for the first-timer, especially for the solo travelers


  1. hahahahahaha! kaloka ka! Lol

    I am glad nakaraos ka na! :d


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