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A Weekend Staycation at Alcoves Apartment

It was a last minute when I decided to fly in manila via Clark airport from Caticlan/Boracay since I got a cheap airfare round trip compared to NAIA.  

I was stumbled upon in the internet and I found this property perfect for my staycation. I filed a double day off in my work and fly.

Since my landing is at Clark airport and I need to travel almost 3 hours to Manila, but before I headed I just dropped by in Sm City, Pampanga to meet my friend who's living in Lubao to join me in my Lunch at Cabalen Restaurant  
The room I booked is located in Greenbelt Radisson Building. I find this place more accessible since it's just less than 10-minute walk to Greenbelt 1.  I arrived in the hotel past 8 in the evening because I leave in Pampanga at 3pm and I got stuck in the traffic. 
The check-in process was so smooth after presenting my Id, the guard on-duty, allowed me to go to my booked room A3. The alcoves team just emailed me the number combination of the door lock. I was surprised when I opened the door because one of the Alcoves team is patiently waiting for my arrival.

Ms. Dave is waiting and welcomed me to my booked room. She gave me  a short briefing of Alcoves before she bid goodbye. The room had complete set  of cookware & cookery that's perfect for me to cook my lunch on the next day. There's also a good wifi connection an extra pillow, blanket and towel on the cabinet that ready to use.
After settling all I felt hungry, but I am not worrying where to eat because down stairs, they are two 24/7 convenience store, so I grab a set meal and bring to my room and eat to satisfy my tummy. :)   
The next day morning I decided to a quick dip in their pool located on the 8th floor of the building. 

After swimming I went to the Rustan market in Greenbelt 1 to buy some ingredients for lunch menu. I cooked Tinolang Manok and Chicken Adobo.

The Alcoves team customer service is very responsive to the request and they making it expedite.

I informed the team that I will leave early morning on my third day because I need to catch my flight in the Clark airport back to Boracay and their response in a minute.

Overall, I enjoyed so much my staycation with the Alcoves Apartment.


Alcoves Philippines
Email Address:
Contact number: +63 917 506 3312


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