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How Travel Changed My Whole Life

Traveling is a great achievement in my life. The experience I gained the people I met and the lesson I learned on the road. It was in college day when I started to travel. I thought that the traveling is not for me because I don’t have money to spend and my family can’t afford to buy a plane ticket, 2011 when I started to travel, and my first-time experience to ride an airplane, I missed my midterm examination in Filipino and community service in my NSTP subject just to travel in Cebu and Bohol for limited pocket money of 1,650.00 in the span of 3 days with no regret. It was a dream, and I was not expecting that dream will come true despite our financial status.  

How To Apply For a Japan Visa w/o ITR and Get Approved

When my friend Paula and I talked about where to travel next, we talked about traveling to Japan since the embassy is not too strict about getting a tourist visa. Three weeks before my planned travel to Catanduanes , I decided to apply for a Japan Visa since an Airplane ticket is not required.