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Indulge For A Relaxing Day at Boracay Sands Hotel Spa

It was my second night in Boracay Sands Hotel when typhoon #MarcePH hit the Province of Aklan with signal #2. I stayed in my room the whole day because of the bad weather and the whole island got a power outage. Meaning, we have no electricity.  

It was around 6pm when I decided to check out their spa located at the basement of the building. I checked the list of their service offered. They have 15 kinds of massage but I chose the Stone Massage instead. It will take about 2 hours. I am not new in a spa because I always take Thai Massage after my long day travel to help ease the body pain due to my heavy backpack.

I enlisted my name at the reception desk to schedule my massage at 8:30pm since they close at 12mn, perfect for those who wants to relax before going to sleep. Then, I got a shower to refresh my body before the massage.

They are attentive and welcoming. The staff of the spa assisted me and Marivic is the assigned masseuse for my stone massage. She's a nice and happy girl, we talked to each other for the whole 2 hours with random topic while the massage is on-going. She has smooth hands and she really knew what she was doing. I even forgot to tell her to do hard pressure.

The stone that they used are flay and very smooth, and they told me the stones came from volcanic rocks. They heated the stone in warm water and placed it on the key points of the body to help melt away the tension, muscle pain/stiffness and good for blood circulation. 

I never felt sleepy because I entertained marivic regarding on my travels and love life on the road.  After two hours I felt so relived from my body ache and muscle pain. I slept well after a good massage and woke up in the morning with full of energy.

  • KAHUNA MASSAGE (1.5 HOURS) - Php 1000.00
  • HONEY THERAPY MASSAGE (1.5 HOURS) - Php 1,500.00
  • HERBAL BALL MASSAGE (1.5 HOURS) - Php 1,200.00
  • HILOT MASSAGE ( 1.5 HOURS) - Php 1,000.00
  • STONE MASSAGE (2 HOURS) - Php 1,200.00
  • THAI YOGA MASSAGE (1.5 HOURS) - Php 900.00
  • VENTOSA MASSAGE (1.5 HOURS) - Php 1000.00
  • DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE (1.5 HOURS) - Php 700.00
  • SANDSTORM MASSAGE (1 HOUR) - Php 450.00
  • SWEDISH MASSAGE (1 HOUR) Php 450.00
  • ZEN SHIATSU MASSAGE (1 HOUR) - Php 450.00
  • HAND & FOOT MASSAGE (1 HOUR) Php 450.00
  • FOOT MASSAGE (1 HOUR) - Php 450.00
  • PREGNANCY MASSAGE (1 HOUR) - Php 500.00
  • INFANT/CHILD MASSAGE (45 MINS.) - Php 450.00
  • MANICURE & PEDICURE - Php 500.00

Address: Station 3 Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
Contact number: (036) 2884968 or +63 9772012838


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