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Experience Surfing in Baler, Aurora

I stayed in Baler for three days just to learn how to surf. I know that surfing is not easy for a first-timer like me. I left Manila around 9am going to Cabanatuan City via Five-star buses because I did not catch the direct trip to Baler at 6am.

I arrived in Cabanatuan City around 2pm and waited for the van to fill up going to Baler. I ate my lunch at 7-11 stores just in front of the terminal while waiting. I brought sandwiches and soda for 50 pesos and returned to the van after. I am the 5th passenger on board, and the barker said they need 5 more before we leave. Unfortunately, it has not happened. After those 5 people were added,  many of the passengers compliant why is it still need more. I waited almost 4 hours just to completely fill up the van. I regret why I did not wake up early to catch the direct bus.

5:30pm when we finally leave Cabanatuan City and I pay 220 pesos for almost 4 hours journey, 7:30pm the driver stop at one of carinderia in Pantabangan, Aurora for dinner. I ordered Caldo (Rice soup) with egg at 30pesos, and it's funny because of what happened. I forgot to pay, hehe, sorry. 8pm when we continued our travel, and I asked one of my seatmates if we were already near, she replied it's too far yet. 9:10pm when we finally arrived at Baler bus terminal. My overall travel time to Baler is 12 hours instead of 6, My Goodness!

The resort's caretaker, where I reserved my accommodation, fetched me up with a habal-habal around 9:20pm. I stayed at The Balerina surf resort (Front Beach Area) for 3 days.

I wake up early to do rounds on the front beach to check the waves. I asked Ate Mar, the caretaker if she knew one, who could teach me a surfing lesson, and he recommended Raniel Flores - +63 909 679 7074, her nephew.

Raniel told me that we could start our lesson around 10am since the water has low tides and is an excellent time to surf. I was nervous, thinking that my teacher would get angry with me if I still did not get what he taught me many times because I'm a little bit fat. He guides me through througbasicential movements and actions in the seashore before we start the actual.

On my first attempt, Raniel shouted to prepare, and he pushed the board before the wave hit me and called again to stand. I was out of balance, and I fell on the water (ouch! My forehead got hurt on the sands). After many attempts, I was so happy and enable to stand on the board, Yehey! I did it, and I can't believe it. Raniel told me that I am a fast learner because some of his students failed to stand until their time finished. Those feelings when the waves are approaching and very much excited than on your first attempt.

Raniel asked me if I wanted to direct in Advanced level, the paddle one, or Do it yourself. He didn't need to push the surfing board; instead, I needed to paddle it with my two hands. I replied yes with confidence. He teaches me again what move I will do because, honestly, the advanced level is a little bit harder than the basic. Of course,. In my first attempt, I fell again because I needed to paddle with my two hands until the board moved faster before the wave hit me. 

On my 3rd attempt, I was able to stand again and enjoying while in the wave but unfortunately, my left arm complaint already and got pained, and I needed to stop it because I didn't want to risked. My fault is that I forgot to warm up before surfing.  

 He was able to teach me for 2 hours that supposed to be 1 hour as the regular contract for 350 pesos, but I gave him 400 pesos instead. Raniel is a good teacher of surfing. I highly recommend him.

I asked raniel to bring me to the pharmacy because he owns a tricycle to buy liniment oil, and for my lunch, I also brought one served of Pochero with extra soup and 2 cups of rice at 60 pesos.
When we arrived at the resort, I took a shower, ate my lunch after, put some liniment oil in my whole body, and finally slept and rested to recover.

I woke up around 5pm then I decided to visit the town's municipal hall, Museum, and church. At 6pm, when I returned to the resort, and I found a buffet dinner just a few meters from The Balerina, I took the chance to have a happy dinner, and unfortunately, the food was cold as the weather in the province. I pay 200 pesos and all my regret huhu.   
I was waiting for the full moon in my room, but I fell asleep, and the sun was up when I woke up. I sleep well maybe because my body gets tired in my surfing lesson. At 9am when I leave the resort to catch the Aurora bus going to Cabanatuan City because I would never ever ride again in the van and waited for almost 4 hours. The bus leaves Baler at 9:30am to Cabanatuan City, and I pay 245 pesos for 3.5 hours.


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