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Perfect Provincial Staycation at HARVEST HOTEL

Harvest is the first four stars rated hotel in Cabanatuan City, Province of Nueva Ecija. This property is managed by Hospitality Innovators Inc., Hii for short.

After my three days stay in Baler, Aurora I decided to relax and rest before continuing  my northern Luzon journey because my left arm gots hurt from my surfing lesson. The travel time from Baler to Cabanatuan City is almost 4 hours and it is a little bit tiring. Then I found Harvest Hotel is the perfect place to stay. 

Upon arrival at the hotel, warm greetings from security to the front office staff made my first expression last. The paintings hanging on the wall of the hotel cought my attention before anything else because it is very attractive to my eyes.
The checked in process was very smooth after they confirmed my reservation. The front office staff gave my key card. I used the stairs instead of an elevator going to my room because I can see how elegant the stairs are. 
I decided to sleep and relax all day with their very comfortable bed as the weather in the province is quite hot. One thing I like in my room is the Wifi access. It is very fast, and has a strong signal for me to update and upload some of my photos in my social media account and every room has its own router.
Harvest Hotel has 81 rooms with  47 Standard Twin/ 27 Queen, 4 Executive Suite,1 Honeymoon Suite,1 Loft Suite 1 and 1 Loft Suite 2. Every room has the same amenities like Lcd Tv, Dvd Player, Very fast Wifi Connection, Telephone, Mini Bar, Complimentary Bottle Water, Safety Deposit box, Hair Dryer and a Writing Desk.  They also have Gym facility and a beautiful swimming pool free to use for in-house guest.
My room was the Standard Twin. It's not that big but it had most of the amenities are might need. I forgot the time and I woke up late then decided to swim in their friendly pool to give my left arm a warm up to ease the pain. The next day I was planning to visit Dingalan, Aurora as Cabanatuan is the main jump off point. Unfortunately, my plan was not successful because my bed helds me back telling me not to go and stayed instead. The air-conditioning was on full blast that is one reason why I stayed.

My booked room has a complimentary buffet breakfast and served in Cafe Ecija located beside the front desk. All I can say about the food is that it is delicious sometimes they served local food like Bototay (a longganisa which is well known in the province).   
A hotel that is fit for our budget, but not limited in enjoyment as the price is very reasonable. My stay in Harvest hotel was more pleasant by the welcoming and attentive hotel staff that made my perfect provincial staycation possible. I enjoyed my travel in Cabanatuan City as the hotel made my stay most happy and relaxing despite the hot weather in the province. 

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Address: 117 Pio Del Pilar St. Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
Contact #: +63 44 950 8888 / +63 44 950 9999
Email address:

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Check discounted Price on Agoda  

Executive Suite
This room is measured about 38 square meter with a one king size bed.

Honeymoon Suite

This Suite is perfect for a wedding couple because with an ample space for makeup and some other things to do in a wedding as measured about 58 square meters with one king size bed.   

Loft Suite 1
This room is mesured about 58 square meter with one Queen size bed.

Loft Suite 2
This loft type room is the biggest room measured about 81 square meters with one Queen and king size bed. This also good for a family staycation that can fit at least five people.



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