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MOLOCABOC ISLAND | Sagay City, Negros Occidental

Molocaboc Island is a barangay under the City of Sagay, Negros Occidental. Leaving in the islands with limited resources like drinking water, electricity  is quite a challenge for every people, but i admire them how they leave happily in a very big islands, it is approximately measured about 420 Hectares.

I got a chance to visit the island because of a friend leaving in Sagay City invited me to explore it. I was in Sagay a day before our planning trip because I don't have any contact if I do it alone. There is no passenger boat crossing the islands unless you have a friend leaving there and can hitch.

Upon arrival on the port I saw an announcement that the island is closed for the tourist because the government is not yet ready and Molocaboc is one of protected area of the province. They making sure the safety of the tourist first and effect for the environment. 

Sagay Port
It will take 20 minute boat rides from sagay port. The foot walk that they made is about 1.5 kilometers long from the mainland to almost in the middle between the two islands.

It is very dangerous for the people doesn't know how to swim just like me, because it is very slippery that's why the government is aware on it. but the local people especially the kids are enjoying to run freely, how lucky they are because they know how to swim, huhu. There is no tourist on the area because the local government strictly prohibited to entered.

My friend headed to the mainland for some work to do while me decided to stayed in the shed and enjoying the water. Since I am not a swimmer I enjoy dipping in the corner while waiting the water to subside. It is almost 15 feet when high tide and 5 feet in low tides without the footwalk unfortunately I did witness the low tide because my friend fetch me up for lunch before we leave the islands.

The water that they use for bath is a little bit salty as I am expected because the water is coming from deep well.


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