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Stress Free in Marikit-Na Beach Resort While Enjoying The Serene of Maniwaya Island

The Maniwaya Island is located in the heart of the Philippines, the journey going to the island will take about 12 hours if you do it straight from Manila.

I was so excited to travel again when my friend invited me to visit Maniwaya Island, I know that this island in on my wishlist, so there is no more doubt of decision and I reply to him Yes.

On board on M/V Starhorse

My travel mate decided to do our meet up in Jac liner station in Kamuning at 3 in the morning to catch the 4am bus bound to Dalahican port, Lucena, Quezon the travel time is approxamily 5 hours.

The ferry from Lucena, Quezon to Balanacan port in Mogpog, Marinduque is infrequent the last trip is 12nn everyday.

Bayodbud Port
We need to stay an overnight in Sta. Cruz because we can’t make it cross the island in the same day  due to the limited trip of small boat. We stay in Dewey hotel one the cheapest hotel in Sta. Cruz.

The next day morning we packed our things and leave the hotel around 9 am going to Buyodbud port and Makit-Na Resort offered us ride to their small boat.

The travel time is about 45 minutes ,We arrived at the resort and take a rest for awhile. The staff of Makit-Na is attentive, 12 noon when one of their staff called us because our lunch is ready.

In upper left ( Blue marlin, Chicken Gourdon Blu,
Tocino, Egg and Tinapa)(In upper right Pork Babeque, pakbet and buffalo wings)
They served us a big cut of Blue Marlin fish as main course with a cup of rice, mixed vegetables and soup. We stayed here for 3 days and 2 nights and everyday they served us a freshly cooked food and house chef has a good taste I can say it because I love food so much.

We decided to swim in the other side of the beach around 4:30pm  and we rented a 2 habal-habal for our service. The water is clear the sandbar is more of corals debris and there is no jellyfish to distract the enjoyment.

We decided to go back to the resort before it too dark because there is no street lights on the way in some cases is dangerous for us. We arrived in the resort take a bath, eat our dinner and sharing each other travel stories  and experiences on the road. 

This is what I called vacation eat, sleep, swim and relax the things will do in the Island.

The Marikit-Na Beach Resort is a European inspired house and one of the affordable accommodation that fit your travel budget in Maniwaya ,me and my travel mate are feeling that we are home because every time our food is ready the staff will call us to eat, and sounds good, every guest they treat them like a VIP.

Living Area
In-house Bar
There is a lot of room available to choose from a room for lovers, for a family and for a group that can fit at least 20 people just imagine that you living in mansion and everyday you wake up with a beautiful paradise and surrounded with a caring staff.

The next day morning after our breakfast the team decided to visit the Palad  Sandbar but unfortunately there is no sandbar because it is hide tide.

Ungab Formation Rock 
The boatman surprised us despite the sandbar did show us, they bring us in MongPong Island instead, almost 30 minutes boat ride from Maniwaya and we got surprised the island is just like also in maniwaya less population great enjoyment.

Our island hopping makes more interesting and enjoyable as we can see local kids enjoying and playing the cold water under the shade of Ungab Formation Rock.

There are two kids offered us a Halo-Halo for P30 before leaving the island, they bring us to their home and while waiting for the halo-halo to serve, we asked them some random question about their studies, We find out that they walk an hour or more than if there is rain every day just to go school.

Photo Credit to
I was thinking how lucky that we are living in the city and we don’t need to walk that very long time just to go to school because we have the option to choose from.

Our island hoping was finished almost 5 hours we decided to go back to maniwaya around 1pm because we are hungry not only us but also our Boatman and his assistant.

The chef of the house cooked us a delicious food, in a plate there is a 2 stick of Pork Barbecue, Pakbet and a cup of rice but, because I am hungry I don’t hesitate to ask an extra rice hehe that would be our last lunch on the Island.

We swim again around 5pm for the last time as we leaving the island on the next day.

Main entrance of the house
We woke up early as 5 in the morning to fixed our things and eat our breakfast because the passenger boat leaves at 7am to General Luna Quezon.

There is No worries, No Stress because our resort handled our stay in Maniwaya Island for 3 days, you can book through Airbnb and also you can redeem may referral code PRUEL3 to get a USD20 on your 1st booking or contact Ron Montes the General Manager for the tour package inclusion and price or for group bookings.

Note: The Rooms of MaRIKIT-NA Beach Resort doesn't have Aircon all rooms are equipped with a Fan, but the development and upgrading of the Resort is on going to give us a more memorable and enjoyable vacation.

Other Information:

Address: Maniwaya Island, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque
Contact Number: +63 927.878.9782 
Contact Person: Ron Montes - General Manager


  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful review sir Paolo. Hope to see you soon again here

  2. Thanks so much for the wonderful review sir Paolo. Hope to see you soon again here

  3. Thanks so much for the wonderful review sir Paolo. Hope to see you soon again here

  4. Maniwaya Island and the rest of Marinduque is truly worth numerous revisits!

  5. Despite having relatives in Region IV-B, I did not know about Maniwaya Island until this post. The beach looks promising and the resort looks fantastic. You've got really great photos, by the way. I hope I can drop by this place sometime :)

  6. Stree free indeed! Love every photo you have here as it depicts different assets of the resort. Great choice for those coming from Metro Manila and avoid less time for road trips.

  7. MY favourite guy from the Philippines. The photography re just amazing! It's like they tell a story.

  8. There are so many unknown beaches in the Philippines that really needs discovery. This is the first time that I heard about this place. Im sure you and your group had a lot of fun.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your itinerary!! I love unknown beaches as well, will definitely be here within the year! :D

  10. Sunset shots makes me feel tingly all over. I really need a dose of the vitamin sea. Thank you for sharing us your experience!

  11. In our province "marikit" means beautiful. I guess the island lived up to its name :) The sunset is like a painting. Awesome experience man!

  12. wowwww! this is an awesome place! ♥ Now I'm envious! haha!

  13. wow this is another paradise Paolo..
    the Ungab Formation Rock is really a breathtaking scene and hopefully I'll get a chance to explore such unspoiled wonder like this!

  14. Looks like paradise! If you don't mind me asking how much did you spend in total for the trip? Looks super inviting kasi.

  15. Oh wow, Marinduque. So many places that we have yet to discover! Bucketlisting. :D

  16. How i envy you on travelling to beautiful places while im mostly sitting on my chair at the office. Whew. I feel like packing my things and going to Marinduque!

    Aika |

  17. I've been hearing raves about Marinduque and by the looks of your photos, the hype must be real. Adding this to my travel bucket list!


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