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Why Party People Love to Celebrate Labor Day in Boracay Island

Boracay is one of the well-known Island in the Philippines, it comes in white sand beach, Island hopping, party at night, perfect sunset watching and bar hopping, When summer comes many tourist both local and foreigner visited in the island to beat the heat especially in the long weekend of Labor Day (Philippines Holiday) or commonly known as LABORACAY.

Back then 2013 when the LABORACAY was discovered and now the local government support it to attract more tourist. I've been in boracay last 2014 working as part time event assistant in 2 consecutive year of laboracay as my experience, this event is kind a wild party usually start in April 28 until May 3 as the last day of the event.

Why Party People love to Celebrate Labor day in the Island?

I am the person that not really love partying, but as part of my job as event assistant I experienced to party all night until sunrise, Laboracay is one of the total crowded beach party i ever experienced. 

Many of big companies are joining and participating on this event then giving a perks, games, freebies, free drinks to all tourist, most specially Party at the night with a foreign and local DJ's and most of the people are partying wild and free, I remembered last 2014 Laboracay that STEVE AOKI performed in one of the known Bar in the front beach area, the entrance fee is too expensive, of course i can't afford, instead I listened outside of the event place, And every Bars, Hotels has their own events.

The Laboracay near approaching, many of the transient house, lodge, guest houses and  high class hotel/resort got fully booked and the price has expensive sometimes doubled in regular price.

Before leaving Boracay and permanently stay in Iloilo City I saw many on going contraction of building, but one of the building caught my eyes and I saw it that accessible for tourist who will spending their future vacation because it is located in station 2. Recently the building that caught my attention open to serve us and they name it LIME HOTEL Boracay. 

The LIME HOTEL is rated as Boutique hotel and perfectly fit for your stay in this coming LABORACAY with an facilities that they can offer, The LIME HOTEL have 46 rooms with a Superior or Deluxe to choose from, also they offer a 180 degree of panoramic view of the Island while chilling out, with an infinity pool, pool bar, Sun lounges bed and umbrellas for their guest comfort.

The LIME HOTEL is accessible and not difficult to find the place because it is located in the main road of Station 2 near in Talipapa where you can buy your souvenirs and about less than 5 minutes walk to the white sand beach.

Here's some of the reviews from TripAdvisor THE LIME HOTEL 

For Reservation: 

Lime Hotel Boracay
Main Road, Station 2 Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan, Philippines
+ 63 2 36 288 1050

Facebook Page: 
Website :


  1. Nice. Always good to see home. I used to live there for five years and it amazes me how much the beach has changed and all these new establishments have sprouted. More accomodation means more choices for travellers.

  2. I've been to Boracay once and the ambiance did not really appeal to me. I love the beach and the fine sand. It's beautiful. But I find Boracay too crowded and too noisy. I guess because I'm not really into bars and partying. I prefer a secluded, quiet beach.

  3. Me and my husband went to Boracay last year in the mid of June. There are few people and less crowded. I haven't experienced going to Boracay on a peak-season because I don't think I will enjoy the place hihi

  4. Boracay, perhaps, is one of the best places to visit during vacation. With the beach it has and so as the events that are set to happen during this season, no wonder why it is indeed one of the places most visited by many indeed!

  5. "Labocaray" - I love it!!! hahaha. Now, is Labocaray big even when Labor Day falls on a weekend? I know that some countries postpone holidays to week days... Is that the case in the Philippines?

  6. Were you there during Laboracay? hehehe. i'm not. hahaha. dumb. anyway, me and my boyfriend were there last feb during chinese new year. I must say there are lots of pakulo reason why people go. :)

    Aika |

  7. I have read a lot about the Boracay Island and it sounds like it would be great to be there anytime but being there and staying at that hotel would be amazing!

  8. I've never really experience a party experience yet in Boracay. But I know a lot of people who enjoyed spending their vacation there. The Lime Hotel that you posted here really got an amazing view.

  9. I live in a similar place , on an spanish island . The same here , bank holidays and longer weekends always cause a little 'invasion' , the whole islands population seems to be heading for the beaches then . But , as you have worked as an event assistent yourself , you know what these party mads are like . Nice post tho , enjoyed that !

  10. The Lime hotel looks really nice and warm and boracay looks like a beach town...lovely for a weekend break :)

  11. I have been eyeing to go to Boracay for a long time but till now still have not materialize my wish list yet. I heard that Boracay has the best beach and sunset view. Thanks for sharing this and I gotta save more for my vacation.

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