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A day in Malalison Island | Culasi, Antique

I was welcomed by the local people of Malalison Island with smile and they greeted us “Kruhay” means Long live. Malalison Island is very small island composed of 1 baranagay with 3 purok (Ward). The Total population of the island is 750 with 153 household. Malalison Island is located in the Municipality of Culasi, Antique 4 hours ride from Iloilo and 3 hours from Kalibo.

On my way to Culasi from Iloilo I was informed of Kuya Bert the van driver that Malalison island does not have enough clean water to drink and restaurant to buy food. Before moving on to the island we buy enough water and food to bring for day tour. We pay 30 pesos for our environmental fee and 750 pesos for boat fee that fit for 5 person round trip. The boat will wait you anytime of the day back to the main land.

While crossing the island from Culasi wraft I can't help myself to be excited when I saw the sand bar of Malalison. It is a white sand beach and a very clear water just like other famous beaches in the Philippines but unlike Malalison island there is no crowd of tourist . The island does not have electricity by day they only used a generator from 6pm until 10pm, phone signal are also present in the island.

I got chance to interviewed ate ging ging our tour guide for that day, I ask her if somebody offer to sell their land to make it more developed. "she replied" that there are many offers to take their sweet Yes! But everybody refused to sell their property to convert in commercial, also they want it at is, I was so happy to hear that answer and I follow up question that Please don't sell your property to anyone, because someday this is will not be a paradise anymore. "she replied" that it won't happen.

Despite of a hot weather the local kids are enjoying the crystal clear & cold water of Malalison that everyone love it counted me, 3pm when decided to trek in the viewing deck of the island it just an hour but depends on how fast you can walk. After we reach the cave my tour mate decided to take the fishing boat back to the sand bar and we pay 50 pesos per person.

Travel Guide in Malalison Island click here


  1. Wow! I love the fact that this island is not yet commercialized. You can see how beautiful and natural it is. Also, from the photos you took, you can see how beautiful the beach is!

  2. Are the sand like that of Boracay's, Powderly and so fine? Its refreshing to swim in a less crowded place; i hope i be able to visit that place as well.

  3. Such a paradise indeed... i love your posts.. i can learn a lot of places here in the country that are worthy of visit... Wish to travel more often like u! 😊

  4. Off the beaten path! And it's just here in the Visayas. Would love to come here someday- it's not one of those crowded beaches. Perfect for summer. Thanks for sharing this! Definitely on my list. :)

  5. When you are soak in the intense summer heat and you see post like this!!! Makes me want to run and plunge in the waters :) I love remote islands like this :)

  6. The beach is unadulterated but the hills look like people have taken advantage of them. But still it is beautiful and it's so refreshing to see sights like this. I would love to visit this place. We live only in Bacolod but it would take a long trip to get to Malalison.

  7. Very cool island. I love the natural beauty of it and not surrounded by hotels and tourism at least not in the pictures.

  8. Nice destination, perhaps more suitable to travelers from another region if they are already visiting Iloilo and Aklan. Looks like a good place to contemplate, besides getting in the water.

  9. This place looks very serene! I love its natural state - I hope they can keep it that way. I hope I can visit this too :)

  10. Looks like an amazing place to visit!!! Beautiful destination and great photos!! :)

  11. It's such a thing of beauty. I'm sure travel bloggers and lovers of nature will love this place. However I am a clumsy human being and so I try to stay away now from places like this though I could make an exception for others.

  12. This is such a beautiful place to visit this summer. I have heard a lot of good things about Antique, i sure hope I can go there one day with my boys.


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