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TRAVEL GUIDE IN MALALISON ISLAND | How To Get There, Where To Stay and Day Tour Expenses

Malalison Island locally called as Mararison located in the Municiplaity of Culasi in the Province of Antique. The Island is now one of the favorite weekend getaway in Panay island. Malalison Island is a Barangay with a total population of 750 and 153 households, Fishing and guiding is only their daily source of income the island doesn't have electricity but they have a generator for the whole island operated at 6pm until 10pm.

How to get to Malalison Island

Malalison Island can be reached via local fishing boat from the wharf of Culasi, Antique, either Iloilo, Kalibo and Caticlan airport are the jump off point coming from the different cities across the nation.

Iloilo Airport to Culasi, Antique 

From Iloilo Airport take a shuttle van going to Molo Terminal fare is 50 pesos and from the Molo terminal  ride a Bus or Van. The Van leaves Iloilo as early as 3am for their first trip and for Bus at 4am. Travel time is approximately 4 hours in Van and 5 hours for Bus and fare is 200 pesos.  I recommend Bert Gonzales 09393257792 for a van rental going to Culasi, Antique he is a good driver. 

Kalibo Airport to Culasi, Antique

From Kalibo Airport look for a tricycle going to Ceres Terminal and  Take a Bus and leaves every 30 minutes travel time is approximately 2 hours.

Caticlan Airport to Culasi, Antique

From Caticlan Airport, take a tricycle or walk about 5 minutes going to Caticlan Jetty Port from there take a Ceres Bus with the route going to Iloilo Via San Jose and drop off in Culasi Bus Terminal and take a tricycle going to wharf.

Culasi Wharf to Malalison Island

In Culasi wharf  register first and pay the Environmental fee of 30 pesos. The Tourism officer will take charge your Boat crossing to the island and fare is 750 pesos good for 1-5 person round trip.

Where to Stay

There are few homestay in Malalison Island that can cater some tourist for Overnight stay or Long Staying Guest. I recommend Haida Doroteo Homestay, though i did stay in the island but i check this place and looks great and clean.Please contact Haida Doroteo 09084715502 or Call Ate Ging Ging my tour guide 09488957498 so that she will help you to book your homestay and I recommend her also to get her as your guide in the Island.

Here's the list of Homestay in Malalison Island to choose from, price start at P250.00/person

Contact Person: Teresa Doroteo
Contact Number: +639087636316

Conatct Person: Marife Doroteo
Contact number: +63208576379

Contact Number: +639272931141 / +639098410185

Contact Person: Ben Dioso
Contact number: +639089736907

Contact Number : +639264786329 / +639984559074

Day Tour Expenses 

Iloilo to Culasi, Antique  -   P400.00 RoundTrip
Environmental Fee          -   P30.00
Boat Fee                   -   P750/3 = P250.00
Food/ Personal Needs       -   P150.00
Tour Guide Fee             -   P200/3 = P67.00

Total                      -   P1030.00

Buy enough drinking water and food to the mainland before crossing the Island to save money.
You can buy food to be cooked in  the island and local will cook it for you with a fee of 100 pesos per menu while enjoying the Paradise.


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  2. indi mo man lang ako sinama jan Pao.

  3. Very nice. I went to Antique once to do exploratory dives, pero I never came across this island. It shows that we have so many more "undiscovered" getaways!

  4. I haven't been to Antique.The expenses look reasonable for a budget traveler.This is the first time I've encountered the term home stay.I wonder what does it include?

  5. The water was so clear and the place is seemingly unspoiled yet (i hope the government in Iloilo will preserve such beauty because if it gets crowded, it will become so much spoiled by tourists like in Boracay which for me is no longer enjoyable..
    thanks for sharing this to us Pao

  6. WOW!!!! Next on my bucket list. I love how unspoiled the island is. Puro locals. :)

  7. Looks like another one for the bucket list. Thanks for suggesting this!

  8. The place looks so beautiful. Hope I could visit the place soon!

  9. Perfect destination this summer!!! Yes!! We'll invade this place too.

  10. This is a good summer destination. And budget-friendly! Thanks for sharing!

  11. The place is so beautiful and so serene. I hope that this place will not become as crowded as Boracay. I prefer beaches that are not commercialized.

  12. Wow! This would be next to my bucket list. Thank you for sharing xx


  13. Idol ka talaga pag dating sa adventure. Imagine, pati kasuluksulukan na island na pupuntahan mo!

  14. Now this is a haven place aside from Boracay. ☺ i can reach the island too via kalibo. Wooohhh.

  15. I miss this place!:) still stunning as it is.

  16. I miss this place!:) still stunning as it is.

  17. The beach looks pristine! I hope the local government would take good care of the island and that they educate and monitor tourists to keep the island clean. I was really shocked that they do not have electricity here. I hope that our government, the next president to be elected, would be able to provide electricity services to other places such as this island.

  18. Many of people looking for budget travel and this place must be perfect for budget travel. I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.

    Kim |

  19. Hi,
    Ask ko lang sana if you have a contact number dun sa tourism office or ok lang na walk in kami?


    1. Yes! It is okay to go directly in tourism desk and enlist your name.

  20. sir naka punta na din po ba kayo sa seco island? sa antique din po

  21. I certainly agree to some points that you have discussed on this post. I appreciate that you have shared some reliable tips on this review.

  22. Hi.. I am planning to go to Ilo-ilo from Culasi can you give me iti and bus/van schedules... and also if you csn suggest places to visit in ilo-ilo.. Thank You!

  23. Hi.. I am planning to go to Ilo-ilo from Culasi can you give me iti and bus/van schedules... and also if you csn suggest places to visit in ilo-ilo.. Thank You!

  24. my family are planning to go to Malalison Island this holy week. who can accommodate more or less 30 persons? pls gv me details how to book and how to get there from Iloilo City. Thanks.

  25. The Place is great! The view is perfect for family,barkada's and love ones. We really enjoyed our stay in Balay Darayunan which the owner is very kind , She cooked for our breakfast and Dinner. I love the Fresh inihaw na isda , . I want to go back there this summer!


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