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TRAVEL GUIDE | Alobijod Beach : How To Get There and Where to Stay | Guimaras Island

Alobijod Beach is located in Sitio Alobijod, Poblacion Nueva Valencia Guimaras. It is approximately 24 Kilometer from Jordan wharf. Alobijod beach is the most developed among the other beaches in the province of Guimaras.


From Jordan Wharf ride a public jeepney with route either Lucmayan, Padaraonan or Dolores, drop off at crossing alobijod and fare is P30. From crossing Alobijod ride a tricycle P50 or Motorbike P30 to Alobihod Beach.


Here's the list of accommodation.

Contact # +639185207271, +639275605107, 0333960252
Email address:
Contact person: Ma. Fe and Jesil

Room rate:

Fan room start at P900.00 good for 4 person
Air-conditioned room (East Building) start at P1,450 (Low Season) P1,650 (Peak Season) good for 2 person
Air-conditioned room ( West Building) start at P2,900 good for 3-4 person

Pinic Hut price start at P400-500

Entrance Fee : P25/person
Corkage Fee : P30/person

Contact #: +639228626372, +639286254544

Room Rate:

Fan room start at P1,500 good for 6 person
Air-condition room w/ balcony start at P1,500 good for 2 person

Entrance Fee: P25/Person
Corkage Fee: ?

Contact #: Neneng +639263753634
           Lorlyn +639177170260

Room Rate: 

Villa Corazon - Captain Suite start at P10,000 good for 10 person
Villa Igang - Air-conditioned room start at P1,700 good for 2 person
Non Air-conditioned room start at P1,000 good for two person

Pool Fee: P50/person
Entrance Fee: P50-P100/person



  1. i suddenly missed the beach...This place looks so interesting! I dream of solo backpacking but i think i really can't do it.. :)

  2. This post made me so excited to see where my feet will take me this summer! I want to visit a beach somewhere out of Cavite... This one is quite too far though but I hope I can find a paradise like this somewhere in batangas or Laguna!
    Thanks for sharing Pao

  3. This made me excited for summer. Another option to consider. Great post :)

  4. This is very informative.I've never been to Guimaras so I'm taking note of options for future getaways.

  5. This is my first time to hear about this beach and I'm amazed at the scenery! This is the kind of beach I would go to: not too crowded and not too commercialized.

    ♡ Louise |

  6. All your photos are amazing!! I want to go to this place soon!! Thank you for sharing xx


  7. Your post is good timing because I am currently for a beach that my friends and I could go to this summer. I think Alobijod beach is a good candidate.

  8. Sounds like a fun adventure! i like that you put all the details a traveler may need. Great post

  9. Thank you. This is probably the most detailed post I've seen about this beach. This was really helpful. Definitely going to check it out now.
    -Gino of

  10. Waaaah. People are trying to imply something with all these blogs about great beaches! Summer is really coming. I'll keep this one in mind when we start planning our vacation trip! :)

  11. Another beach to add to my summer beach bucketlist hehe! Cannot wait for summer!!!

  12. I love that all the information here includes price and the contact person!

  13. Thanks for the info. This would really be handy in the near future. I love Guimaras mangoes and I would surely visit this place some time.

  14. I love this kind of blogs which includes itinerary and costs. Very good read for a first time visitor of any beach attraction. Kudos!

  15. Interesting post. I have heard about this and I want to find more resources related on this issue. Thank you for posting. Looking forward to read more of your post and updates in the future.

  16. Beautiful place to visit with my lovely family. Thanks.


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