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Intramuros with a Rude Security Guard | Manila

arrived in Manila early as 5 in the morning from Olongapo City, the hotel didn't allow me to check in early if would be they will charge me a half of the room rate, 6am when I decided to tour around manila specially Intramuros instead, while waiting for 2pm check in time.

From Manila Grand Opera Hotel where I check in I ride an LRT Doroteo Jose Station to United Nation Station , I walk around in Rizal park and Headed to Intramuros, Before I headed to Baluarte De San Adres I asked the on duty guard if it allowed toured around he replied yes, I'm just securing the information to avoid hassle. 

I took photo ops in the Baluarte de San address because I have my tripod with me so I can post whatever I want without hassle to other people. I'm just seated in the walkway holding my phone browsing in the internet when the roaming guard accosted me what I'm doing because my tripod stand front of me he think that I'm recording a video, He asks me if I have a permit and where I will use the video, so I was shocked and pissed off I replied to him, what do you mean permit? Do I need to get one? Why other people surround me they have a permit already and for your information I did not take any video. He walks away and didn't say any sorry, he is very very rude and even say "excuse me" before he accosted me of what I doing.

A couple of minutes before I left the place he accosted me again, he ask me where I come from, I replied I walk around to take photos of myself, He replied, did you know that the area where you came from is not allowed behind that  limit, so again, I get pissed off with him, I replied  with an anger, Sir with all your respect I am not an idiot, I understand Tagalog nor English if you put a sign there that you did not allow behind that limit so I will not push through, but there is no sign in the area, next time just put a big big sign that anybody saw it and he walks away again without saying sorry for the inconvenience he made to me.

I don't want to ruin my day, he was lucky because it's Sunday the admin office is closed. I continue my walking tour inside Intramuros, I visited the Manila Cathedral and of course the Fort Santiago. Sunday is a Family day so expect a little bit crowed specially Fort Santiago.

I remember when I was in grade and high school, I only saw it on a book or story from my teacher, but now I  witness with my naked eye how beautiful Intramuros  is, and of course our country. 

After a couple of hours touring around in the Intramuros, I went to the nearby attraction, the National Museum.


  1. Whoa! That's one rude security guard. Tsk tsk tsk. I visited Intramuros many time but I havent met a guard like him. Good thing that you stood your ground because you're not doing anything wrong.

  2. Well, Philippines really has interesting places. Most of it has rich history so it's really worth visiting.

  3. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.


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