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Who Inspired me and Why I keep Traveling | Prlakwatsero 1st Blogsary

Everything happened to us has a reason why, the story behind who inspired me and why I keep traveling.  Back when I was a kid, I always dreaming of what's inside of the airplane and I want to experience to ride, since we are near on the airport in my place I am always watching it every time they Take off and landing to the runway. 

First time Experience Bound to Cebu Airport 

My family are not rich and can't afford to buy a plane ticket. Ever since I always promised to myself that time will come I can buy a plane ticket and experience to ride, on college day I always save my allowance 50% of it, 2011 of August 21 on my 2nd year college when I try to book a flight of 1php fare of Cebu Pacific going Cebu City for January 27-29, 2012 and pay it to Robinson mall amounted of 637.00 pesos.

Who inspired me to travel?

Since I booked a plane ticket, I always browsed in the internet and looking for information about Cebu and Bohol"Travel tips and guide".

Fort San Pedro 
Plaza Independencia
I saw a website that's inspired me so much to travel more, the by Marcos Caratao I followed his blog every now and then. I imagined myself to him right now while writing this post, maybe because I focus to his website before, I always read his previous and recent travels before my Cebu, Bohol trip and believe it or not I print it out his story/experiences to Bohol and read it all over again while on my way to Cebu hehe.

Sagbayan Peak
Man-Made Forest
Every tips that he share on his blog I always treasured it and used it when I traveled and to him I learned a lot of techniques on  backpacking in the Philippines. I am now a fearless traveler and brave enough to conquer any fear I have, I inspired also to the song Biyahe Tayo!that's the one reason why I love traveling.  I've been already in 38 provinces of the Philippines and  counting and  there's a lot of happenings in my life in almost 4 years of traveling, met  different kind of people on the road, eat local foods and a lot more.

Who inspired me to blog?

After I traveled to Cebu - Bohol, and I already experience of what they called it an airplane. My dreams, can't stop of thinking about traveling therefore I promised myself again that after I graduated in college, I will look a formal job to save a money and Travel after my first contract end .

Me and Pinoy Adventurista
work as a waiter in one of the hotels in Boracay and I meet Mervin Marasigan of he is our guest that time, followed him already on his Facebook page, that's why when I saw him I knew it that he his the person behind Pinoy Adventuritsa blog. 

He inspired me to make a website and blog my experiences, I thank him because he teaches me to make a blog step by step and he never get tired of teaching me until my website get stabled. I have a lot of ideas that I get from him while making my website. I start my website last January 3,2015 as because it's free. May 2015 when I decided to buy a domain so asked Mervin about how and where to buy, he refereed me in so I buy a  domain as at 450 pesos.

Why I keep Traveling?

Every now and then I keep traveling not because of that is my dreams, but because I want to share my experiences to my family, friends and especially to those people who afraid to getting lost. I keep traveling because I can see a happiness when in other places and make my life more interesting and reason to keep going, I think that's the best investment to me and lifetime achievement that will treasured and bring it until the last drop of my lifeoh wait! I will tell the story first to my future family before my last drop, hehehe 

" Sabi  nila ang yaman-yaman ko daw pa travel travel lang ako ang sabi ko naman, hindi ako mayaman masipag lang akong magtrabaho" - Pinoy Adventurista

Anyone can start traveling, but it depends on themwhen and where startif they are afraid to lost to an unfamiliar places and if they don't try it they will never know how it will work. You don't need to be rich to travel that's why there's a two  word "Budget Traveling" you can travel in a small amount of money like me and experience to mingle to the localsmeet new friend and you have a story to bring at home as souvenir.

No matter what just keep walking, enjoy life because You Only Live Once.



  1. what an inspiring post... gusto ko din makapagtravel someday at makapagexplore ng maraming lugar sa pinas... like you idol ko din si Mervin.. nakakatuwa talaga yung travel site nya
    thank you for sharing your story and Happy new year to you
    may we both have a very fulfilling year ahead! More travel on your part hehe.
    First time ko sa site mo by the way ^_^

    1. Hi Bluedreamer27 Thank you for dropping by, I hope this post will help you to start your travel soon. Happy new year and God bless! Cheers!

  2. Happy Blogsary din and may you have more blogging years to come! Cheers!

  3. Haha si Mr. Mervs pala. Yeah, he is such an icon in travel blog industry. Hope you do well and keep on traveling. One day you'll be on the same spot with Mervs :) Keep it up!

  4. Happy blogsarry! Im also an avid fan of travelling. Continue your passion and continue to inspire others as well.

  5. This is so inspiring, continue to show people that you only live once and encourage them to explore.

  6. Happy 1st Blogsary! :) I love to travel as well, but it's especially hard these days since I'm saving up for other things. The best part about traveling is meeting new people and discovering what else life has to offer outside the shell that is my life, haha! Stay inspired and keep traveling!

  7. Happy Blogiversary! :) This is such a heartfelt post. Sometimes, it's good to look back on our travels-- what transpired, who we met, how we've changed... And writing about those travels is sort of like reliving the trip. Continue inspiring people and chasing your dreams!

  8. Happy Blogversary to you! Keep on doing your passion. Traveling is not just for the rich. There are plenty of ways of going to a place without having to spend much. Traveling teaches us a lot of things. Like what I do, I work hard, save a lot, and travel when I can. Keep it up!

  9. I envy travelers like you pero when you are a mom, traveling can be limited because of so many fears.

  10. Happy Blogversary!! Just keep doing your passion and al else will follow. Traveling is on my next to do list for my blog!!


  11. Cebu is such a nice city. Been there once and I have sked flight in june there.

  12. If that travel bug bites you, it would be hard to be healed so better endure it well and you will be surprised on what can it bring to you. Cebu is such a lovely place to be inspired.

  13. Keep on blogging to provide information and tips to all the traveler. It's so good that you find inspiration and motivation to blog your experience.

  14. Travel is your passion, passion creates hunger, hunger drives you to work hard to achieve your passion.

    Keep it up men!

  15. Wow. Congratulations on your 1st blogsary. I share the same sentiments about travelling. Thanks for sharing!

  16. So inspiring! It is true, you dont need to be rich to trave all thanks to budget travelingl. You worked hard and you deserve it!

  17. Naks! Nkaka touched nman.. Lol pao! Anybidea san mgpamember sa isang blog society?


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