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GUISI BEACH and LIGHTHOUSE | How Get There, Where To Stay and Things to Do

Guisi is one of the long time known tourist destination in Barangay Dolores in Municipality of Nueva Valencia in the Island of Guimaras. Guisi beach is blessed with a golden yellow sand and a clear water.



Guisi beach is located in the southwestern coast of Guimaras Island it will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Iloilo City. Iloilo City is the main jump off point going to Guimaras island From there ride a ferry in Ortiz Wharf and it will take 15 minutes to Jordan Wharf and the fare is 14 pesos.


After disembarking from the ferry go strait to the parking area of the public jeepney and look for a signboard DOLORES or PANDARAONAN Nueva Valencia and tell the driver that you will going to Guisi. The journey going to Guisi from Jordan it will take 45 minutes to 1 hour and the fare is 40 pesos. The first trip is 7 in the morning and the last trip is 5 in the afternoon. From crossing Pandaraonan transfer to a motorbike going to Guisi Beach and fare is 25 pesos. 

Crossing Pandaraonan


Guisi beach has only a few resorts in the place.

LA VIDARA VILLAS ( Formerly  Kenyama Beach Resort)

Room Rate start at 2000.00- 4000.00 pesos
Contact Number: +63 936.861.7974, +63 9 39.917.5495


Room rate start at 700.00- 2,200.00 pesos
Contact Number: +63 999.887.0038, +63 919.563.6688
Email Address:


Room Rate start at 800.00-2,000.00 pesos
Contact Number: +63 906.332.5535


Visit the 18th Century Lighthouse. The Guisi Lighthouse (Faro De Punta Luzaran) is the second oldest lighthouse in the Philippines.

  • Swimming in the Crystal Clear Water.
  • Island Hopping 
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving 


  1. do you often travel alone Paolo? Wow.. i admire your courage .. ako kasi I'm still hesitant to travel alone lalo na kapag outside na ng Cavite hehe.
    this is really an interesting place and the beach looks unspoiled kaya nakakarelax talaga..
    thanks for sharing

  2. Galing mo men!

    Di biro pala pumunta dyan, pero after looking at your pics, it's worth it. Ganda ng beach, ang linis ng tubig

  3. Clear waters! You're brave enough to visit that lighthouse. Parang it looks creepy from the outside... If i were there, may scary factor sya sa akin.. i can't travel alone.. Lol

  4. Awesome photos! Yet another place in the Philippines that I'll have to add to my bucket list! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I want to visit this soon!! Or maybe this coming summer! Great photos, very Instagram worthy!!
    Thank you for sharing! xx


  6. Your trip to the Guisi beach looked fabulous what beautiful pictures!

  7. Every travel bloggers should do this kind of blog post. All the details and all-you-need-to-know are already on one piece. This is an informative post especially to those who are planning to visit Guisi. Keep it up!

    Cess Piano

  8. Great photos! I love visiting old structures, and that lighthouse is now one of my to-go's sa bucketlist. :) So many people are traveling these days (I know this was posted last Jan pa, but still) na parang gusto ko rin to leave everything temporarily and travel for a bit! Agh! Good to know you had fun!

  9. Thanks for posting this! I'd definitely keep this in mind when I visit Guisi Beach and Lighthouse :>

  10. Take advantage of your youth as they say. You are fortunate to see the wonders of the country and be able to share that in here.

  11. Ohh, the places you've been to! Makes me realize na there is so much in our country that I have yet to travel to pa. Keep on travelling!

  12. I would love to see that Light House. I always get amazed with century old establishment/attractions. Swerte mo naman. :-)

  13. Kudos to a very detailed travel post! I've been wanting to visit Iloilo (and Guimaras). I just haven't got the chance to catch a cheap plane fare but I'm pretty sure I will soon enough. You just gave me an additional "to-do" in my bucket list. Cheers!


  14. Wow! Guisi is such a perfect place for beachbummin' I will add this up in my bucket list :)

    Nurse Alpha


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