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Don Salvador Benedicto | Little Baguio of Negros Occidental

The town Don Salvador Benedicto was named after the late Vice Governor Salvador Benedicto he is one who established the Revolutionary Government in Negros Occidental, when the country occupied by a Japanese during World War II.

When I am in Mambukal Resort in Municipality of Murcia, I decided to have a quick visit in the town of Don Salvador Benedicto, it just a  20 minutes ride from the crossing of  Mambukal Road and Negros Occidental Eco- Tourism Highway in Brgy. Lopez Jaena and fare is P35. Beforehand, I told the conductor to drop me off in the Viewing Deck or "Lantawan", unfortunately he forgot, "Grrr" so instead i headed to their Municipal Hall.

I went upstairs to visit the office but i forgot it's Sunday, the office is close haha!. Don Salvador Benedicto also known as the little Baguio of Negros Occidental and are just like other town in the Philippines that very quite and relaxing. After a couple of minutes, i went to their market to wait a bus going back to Bacolod City and get off in the viewing deck, as  i always do, I told the conductor again to drop me off in the Viewing Deck, Yes! he did not forgot "Thanks Kuya" actually the viewing deck is located in the main road you can easily find the place,

Overlooking View

The lady girl seated near in the viewing deck told me that its free to go inside and visit the "Statue of the Saints". I imagined the place like the Rice Terraces in Banue. After 30 minutes, I decided to go back to bacolod city and have my lunch there. I waited again a bus going to the City of "SMILE". This time the fare is P70 from Don Salvador Benenicto to Bacolod South Terminal.

Maybe in my next visit, I will stay in the town for a couple of days to do the trek in Malatan-og Waterfalls and embrace the cold weather.


  1. Don't you just hate it when conductors forget to drop you off where you told them to? You had one job, sir. One job. Anyway, seems like a very nice place to go to. Thanks for sharing.
    -Gino of

  2. I love nature. And I really appreciates sharing like this. I am able to know that we have beautiful virgin places.

  3. Lovely place... Our country is really rich with natural beauty and wonders. I wish the people will continue to respect and preserve those places for the next generation to appreciate it...

  4. Haha kuya conductor must've been thinking far away to not remember your instructions, hehe. Same amazing photos! Para nga xang Rice Terraces! Hihi.

  5. Beautiful place. Funny story, not so long ago I was in a situation where the conductor forgot to drop me off at my destination point.

  6. Such a great place to relax. Would like to visit this place too.

  7. You've really been to places! Nice view of the mountain and their version of the rice terraces.

  8. Wow! Never heard of this place before, but the view looks so anazing 😊

  9. I got curious with the statues of saints! Side trips are good. You get a reason to go back. 😀

  10. My cousins and uncles have been talking about this place. Too bad whenever we go , there seems to be other plans so I haven't gone to Salvador Benedicto. There is a waterfall too? I would definitely demand that we visit the next time.

  11. I've visited Mambukal several times ever since I came home two years ago but I always postpone going to Don Salvador Benedicto. Maybe it's time I have to pay a visit to this town and explore it.

  12. How many steps up to the peak? Is it advisable to bring the kids? I'd love to know so if we visit the Negros Occidental, I will have an idea where to bring the fam for a nature tripping.

  13. Ay uu nga it looks exactly like Baguio!
    As for your conductor's experience.. that's actually one of my fears when travelling... that's why whenever I go to a plce I am not really aware of, I always ask the conductor to drop me off on that place.,.. kahit makulitan pa sya haha

  14. And galing, I never imagined other terrace like farms to exist in the country! siguro kasi the spotlight has always been at Banaue hehe XD

  15. I had my fair share of conductor experiences as well. LOL! It is super hassle when they forget to drop you off. Hahaha!


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