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A Taste of Authentic Filipino Cuisine : Cabalen Buffet Restaurant | Sm City Bacolod Branch

I plan to a quick visit to Negros Occidental so I  crossed to Bacolod from Iloilo City, just an hour by a fast craft, when I arrived in the port of Bacolod I headed to Silay City just to roaming around to see the Ancestral /Old Houses of the rich family back then, 11 am when I decided to go back to Bacolod to have my lunch, I went to Sm city and look a restaurant that fit my budget, I saw a  buffet Restaurant. The Cabalen Eat all you can, Eat all you want Restaurant, I decided to dine and taste their Authentic Filipino Cuisine "Lutong Bahay". Cabalen in Bacolod is the 18th  branch here in the Philippines opened last November 23, 2015.

I know everyone like me really loves to eat, especially at a buffet Restaurant. The 298++ for a buffet lunch is not actually expensive, it is fit to our Budget. I always dined on a buffet restaurant if I got a chance or if I want to eat more without limit to get my stomach full.
Main course of your choice
I text my friend who works on Bacolod to join me at lunch and waited for him to arrive. My first expression when I entered the place a good exterior design and a welcoming staff assist us where to sit and, of course, the Foods itself.

I felt hungry so I grab a plate and start eating hehe on my first plate I tried the Grilled Bangus, Longanisa, Pork Humba, chicken and especially the Kare- Kare. Hmm, Yummy! With a bottomless Iced for only 60pesos.

A good food with a nice conversation of my friend gets me full. In their other branches of Cabalen, they offer an Asian Cuisine like in Mall of Asia. 

Kare-Kare is their specialty I really like the taste of it with Bagoong on top. But please be careful of your high blood, eat enough, but not too much. 

On my second plate, I try their Lechon, Tokwat Baboy, Crispy Kang-kong. I like most is the crispy Kang-Kong I tried it because my friend told me to must try, It's delicious actually  with tartar dip.

Of course, we Filipinos love to eat sweet's food, I ended up in the dessert section and make my own Halo-Halo and try also their "Suman" an ilongo favorite, it is a Sticky Rice with Coconut milk and Muscovado Sugar.
Salad Station
One thing I like at this restaurant in Bacolod, the staff are well-trained and as my observation I noticed that they helped each other even their Superior "The Supervisors and The Managers" helps their staff to bust  out the soiled plates and serving drinks to their Customers that others restaurant can't. 

I highly recommend this restaurant for everybody who loves to eat a "Lutong Bahay". Don't miss to dine in Cabalen Buffet Restaurant when you are in the City of Smile.  

The Restaurant Manager Mr. Anthony Epañola

The Restaurant also accept any kind of  event and Functions like ( Business Meeting & Special Event, Kiddies Party, Wedding & Anniversaries, Birthday, Baptismal and Debut). 
Buffet Price:
Adult - Php 298.00+ vat
Senior Citizen - 20% discount 
Kids below 3 ft is free of charge  
Kids 4 ft up - 50% discount
Bottomless Iced Tea drinks -  Php 60.00

Other Information: 
Cabalen Eat all you can, Eat all you want
North Wing SM City Bacolod  
Operation hours: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
For reservation : +63 922-217-1009


  1. i think may branch sila sa Megamall.. this is a great place to bring yung foreign friend mo so you can let him/her taste the authentic Filipino cuisine

  2. I have never seen such an abundance of dishes, straight eyes run up, and I want to try everything


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