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Coron Island, Palawan | One of the best Island in the world

Kayangan Lake
Coron Island  is located in the northern part of  Palawan and one of the largest Island of Calamian. The Island is part of the Ancestral domain of indigenous Tagbanwa people.

Have you ever dreamed to visit Coron Island in Palawan? I know you do and I know the feeling of being excited. Coron is one of the best islands that I have been to. The first thing I heard about Coron is that it is very expensive, well, yes it is. The airfare, I think, due to its limited schedule of airline departure and arrival to Francisco B. Reyes Airport/ Busuanga Airport. For the food it is a little bit expensive, too.

Hidden Lagoon

To be honest I am not a beach lover but when I explored Coron I easily fell in love, I can't stop being excited to start exploring the island. When we were approaching to arrive in the Airport I can see the white sand and clear water of the Calamian Island.

Mt. Tapyas Breathtaking View
We arrived at Busuanga Airport from Manila 40 minutes later since we departed. I looked for a shuttle van outside of the airport terminal going to Coron town proper and the fare is 150 pesos for an hour ride.

Town Proper

I stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights in the town proper of Coron, you can book a cheap accommodation as cheapest as 500 per night for two people and you can cook your own food to lessen your food expenses. I stayed at an oriental lodging house for my whole stay in Coron, it is located at the building of Mao it just a couple of minutes from the port, wet market, and 1 hour from Busuanga Airport.

Sunset in Mt. Tapyas
The first thing to do upon arrival is to explore the town and take a hike at Mt. Tapyas. Mt. Tapyas is a Cuyonon term which means sliced from the whole. You don't need to get a tour package you can go directly and go hike in 720 steps to Mt. Tapyas. You must be prepared and energize your body before taking the hike.

After the hike, before I went back to my hostel, I booked an Island Hopping Tour with “Dreamed Travel and Tour” in-front of our hostel which costs 650 pesos for the whole day with lunch included. I think this is the cheapest island hopping tour I have ever encountered. 

I woke up early to go to their wet market to buy some food to be cooked for breakfast and also for my dinner so I could lessen my food expenses. I cooked hotdog, scrambled egg, rice for breakfast, and Pork Adobo for my dinner after the tour.

I went to an agency office where I made my reservation for the island hopping and rented a snorkeling gear for 80 pesos. At 8:15 am when they picked me up and went to the port where other guests are waiting. The tour guide tells us if we have aqua shoes and I am not aware to bring that one so instead I rented one for 150pesos for the whole day’s tour.

Our tour guide is quite nice and well trained as I noticed he really knows what to do and he explained detailed information about Coron and Calamian Island. At 9:00 am, when the pump-boat left the port and went to the first destination which is Hidden Lagoon.

Hidden Lagoon
We arrived at Hidden Lagoon 20 minutes later and our guide gave us instructions in case of emergencies, one thing I like about our guide is he asked us who is not a swimmer or doesn't know how to swim? of course I raised my hand, hahaha! We are 5 passengers that not good in swimming, not only me. Also our guide swam with us and taught us the basics in swimming, and I loved it. :)

After 30 minutes of snorkeling in Hidden Lagoon, its time move to the other destination, the CYC Island. I didn’t take any photo of the CYC Island because my camera was also afraid of the water, hahaha!. CYC is a small island but it has white sand.

Where we having our lunch
We ate our lunch in the private island, truly sorry, I forgot the name of the island after CYC island, the boat team prepared us delicious lunch and I think 650.00 pesos is super worth it. 
Kayangan lake
Kayangan Lake is our last destination of the day, and the main attraction is the brackish water with a combination of 70% fresh and 30% salt water. Amazingly, it serves as the cleanest and greenest lake in the Philippines.

Don't forget to take a shot of the Kayangan Lake, our tour guide told us that if we cannot take a picture of Kayangan lake it is useless for your Coron getaway. Before you reach the viewing deck you need to hike about 350 steps back from the fort.

Kayangan Lake
I can't resist to swim in this kind of lake. Although I’m afraid but I conquered my fear and jumped, woohooo! After the tour I can now say to myself, “Paolo, you conquered your fear and now you love the water already.” At 6pm when we reached Coron town proper, I headed to my hostel to wash up before taking my dinner.

Last day in Coron, it is sad because I am not ready to leave yet. At 5:30 am, when I woke up, prepared myself and went to their church for the 6:00am mass before leaving Coron.

I was picked up by the shuttle van around 9:30am going to the airport for my 12:40pm flight to manila. On my way to airport, I told myself, “when is our next visit?” We arrived in Francisco B. Reyes Airport and checked in for my flight back to Manila. At 11:40 am when the SkyJet Airline announced that my flight was delayed, they gave us a free lunch, Yummy!  20 minutes later the staff announced that my flight was cancelled. I rushed myself to their counter and asked for more information.



  1. Wow!! Coron Island in PALAWAN! We went to Palawan last year and I can't wait to do it again.

  2. I've always wanted to go to Palawan, and I vowed not to travel abroad without going here first. Thank you for this travel guide! Could definitely use this when the plan actually pushes through. :)

  3. P650 pesos for island hopping in Coron is really affordable. I will keep in mind the name of the travel and tour you mentioned. Conquering your fear in an exotic place is also an awesome experience.

    1. Yes 650 is the cheaps island hopping in coron, unlike El nido that too expensive

  4. I have been to Puerto Princesa, but never been to Coron or El Nido. Even though, Coron was put in a bad light last year, I still want to go after seeing your photos. Really beautiful! More power to your trips!

  5. I'm so inggit. I really want to go to Coron Palawan. That hidden lagoon is breathtaking.

  6. Such a superb Island. Full of natural beauty and sceneries. Would love to visit in my lifetime. Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Though i havent been in palawan i do agree that palawan is one of the best island here in the ph. Serene beach, secluded area and place is not polluted

  8. Coron is one of the places in my bucket list this year. I've heard great experience from my friends who went there last year. The tour guides and the boat operators are very hospitable.

    But have you heard the news the other day? Coron and El Nido might be closed from tourists this year because of the damages they have seen early this year? That's a really sad news but if its for the better, I'd probably just look forward another trip somewhere else.

  9. woah! you made me want to visit Coron soon. the place is perfect for photo hobbyist like me. how much is the cost airfare? how's the security?

    1. The fare from MNL-Coron-MNl normally it will take 8,000 pesos, but if there is promo it's less than 2,000. Coron is safe just like other island in the philippines

  10. It sounds like fun and I like the way you have linked this post to the next, like a chapter in a novel.

  11. I haven't been to Palawan and not anytime soon I think, considering the expenses. I'm also saving the best for last :)

  12. I haven't been to Palawan and not anytime soon I think, considering the expenses. I'm also saving the best for last :)

  13. OMG Coron! I'm so excited by your post because it gave me a sneak peek of what to expect when we get there by 25! OMG omg OMG so beautiful! :)1

  14. Always hear great things about Coron Palawan. I hope I can visit there too!

  15. Wow. Youve made me jealous. I wish i could go there too. The photos are majestic!


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