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I Lose Myself to Find Myself | Metro Manila

When I was a child I always heard the word “MANILA”. I’m curious about it and I promise to myself when I finish my studies I will visit Manila. This is my first time to explore manila from Puerto Princesa continuation of my survival travel, we schedule to depart in Palawan at 12:05pm we delayed about 40 minutes and we leave Puerto Princesa Airport at 12:45pm due to air traffic.

I arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 around 2:10pm I went outside of the terminal and look for shuttle bus going to the  MRT/LRT Station instead of riding on metered taxi. The fare is P20 for a 20 minute ride, we arrived in Mrt/Lrt Station since I plan to stay in Malate I crossed to the other side of the station and ride a jeep going to Mall of Asia and fare P8.

I arrived at MOA and headed to Hypermart to have a quick lunch at 3pm hehe. I eaten a lumpiang Shanghai meal P43, Turon P15 and Gumalan Juice P16 .I went outside of mall and ask for a direction going to Remedios Circle in malate because Chill out Guesthouse is located there. I ride a jeep and ask the driver to drop me off somewhere that near in Malate but the driver is not approachable. He drops me off at Ocampo Avenue I don’t know that place and to make sure again I entered at 7 11 store and ask the crew for a direction. I ride again and I ask the driver where the remedies circle is, he drops me off crossing  Mabini St. and Remedios St. when I saw remedies circle I ask the police outpost the exact location of chill out guesthouse but they don’t know it.

 I walk about 100 meters straight on Remedios Street and I already saw my guesthouse I checked in with a fan room P168 thru Travelbook. pH for a walk in P700 big difference right? Chill out guesthouse offer free unlimited coffee and you can cook your own food to lessen your food expenses, I left the hotel around 4:30pm going to Sampaloc manila in Victory Liner Terminal and inquire about Cagayan Valley  route.

 I thought it was just 20 minutes ride as per google map but because of traffic congestion we arrived with my new Korean friend in the terminal at 6:20pm almost 2 hours, we transact about 5 minutes, then we go back in our hostel we decided to take LRT 1 going to Pedro Gil station. When we arrived at Pedro Gil station we walk about 600meters going to the Chillout Guest House. He invites me to have dinner outside and I told him that I’m on a budget so instead we go in small carenderia near in our hostel, he treats me a dinner I only eat chixsilog P59 and bottled water P15. We went back in our hostel and sleep. Lights off

I wake up early to go in the market and cook my breakfast the rain never stops since I arrived in Manila and I decided to mall hopping instead visiting those land marks. My workmate text me up to meet him at Sm North since it is my first time in manila. I ask the receptionist for way up going to Sm North. I head to Quirino Ave. train station going to Rosevelt station and ride a bus going to sm north after a couple of hours i headed to Sm Megamall and Shangrila Place after mall hopping I decided to going home because the rain is going strong so I go to shaw boulevard station ride going to Taft avenue and transfer Edsa Station drop off to Quirino Ave Station and walk about 500 meters to my home sweet home. I eat my dinner and sleep. Lights off

Last day in manila I planned to visit Dr. Jose Rizal Monument in Luneta park after a few minutes I leave immediately because suddenly struck my foot and went back to my hostel to take a rest.

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself. My experience in manila was not good nor bad it’s just an experience that will treasure even it is not memorable at least I can prove to myself that I can do and survive the very crowded, traffic and polluted Manila.


  1. Manila is very very dark place. Ha-ha. I grew up here in Manila and I was trained to be street smart.

    1. Hi Toyang thanks for dropping by, Maybe in second time around hindi na ako maliligaw hehe. :-)


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