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Bantayan Island via Estancia, Iloilo

Bantayan Island it is not a place for a shopping or an adventure. This island is all about peace. If you want to have  break in the crowded city, the noise, the pollution and the stress, then come to this peaceful island of Bantayan in Cebu and discover what Living in Paradise.

My friend Dennis and I decided to have  Bantayan Island instead of Isla Gigantes in Carles, we have little idea about getting in Bantayan via Estancia, Iloilo, after our Panay Island visit we headed to Estancia and stay for an overnight because we don’t know if the route is still working  with  pump boat crossing to Bantayan Island.

Estancia Port
Updated Schedule of Estancia, Iloilo to Bantayan Island vice versa
We decided to do it on Monday; we left in our hotel in Iloilo around 8:00 am Sunday to catch the bus bound for Estancia in Tagbak Terminal. Travel time is approximately 3 hours and fare P180 for aircon bus. The bus leaves at 10:00 am and we arrived around 1:00pm. We stay in Pa-on Beach Club for overnight at P550 good for 2 people through an online travel agency. 
We ordered some food for lunch in their restaurant after that we headed in the port to ask if there’s a pump boat crossing to Bantayan Island, luckily the officer in port told us that the pump boat leaves tomorrow at 9:00am, it's confirmed so we go back in resort take some rest the whole afternoon. We woke up around 6:00pm so we did not witness the sunset that we plan to have some photo ops. Another food trip we ordered Potchero for our dinner and sleep again hehe. What a life Eat, Sleep and travel.

The pumpboat that we use
The next day morning we plan to leave the resort at 8:00am since the pump boat leaving at 9am so that we have ample time. We encounter a problem because we did not print out the voucher of our reservation. They did not inform us before we check in that they need the voucher.  But we talk to the owner to at least extend their service by giving as a favor to use their computer and print out the voucher but she refuses, so we don’t have other option but to go on the market to find internet café at 8 in the morning. I saw a net café and rush to print out the voucher in my email and back in resort around 8:30am. We delayed again because the FO needs to print out my I.D and finally we left the resort at 8:40am and rush going to port. What a resort they have, if you are working in a hospitality field you need to at least extend your service to get a guest satisfaction. 

We arrived at the port of estancia at 8:45 am just 5 minutes ride from our resort. The pump boat leaves Estancia Port exactly 9am travel time is roughly 4 hours and fare P300. The boat has a television and comport room one thing I like are the cr because it's very clean and tiles floor, make sure to buy some food before you board and prepare yourself for an adventure ride. 

The Rain is Approaching
Our Little Pumpboat
After 4 hours we finally arrived at Bantayan Municipal Port and I talk to the captain, what time they will leave tomorrow and I told him that I'll be back in Iloilo the next day so that he will await me hehe. He told me that they leave at 9am .We walk around to find a carenderia and have some lunch before headed to Sta. Fe. We ride a tricycle to Sta. Fe and fare are P20 since we are on budget trip we check in at a RR Lodging house P550 for an overnight Fan room and private comport room.

Bantayan Town Hall

Sts. Peter & Paul Church

Interior of Sts. Peter & Paul Church
Exactly 2:00pm when we arrived and check in at RR lodge. The weather is very hot, so we decided to rest and continue walking tour before sunset. We go out around 5:00pm on the beach to relax and enjoy the peaceful and beautiful paradise on Bantayan Island. 
RR Lodging House
Santa Fe Beach
When the sun is already set we go back in our room and preparing for dinner, we eat in Cou Cou bar restaurant and we ordered a Pork Sinigang and Grilled Fish, the food is good and the price is on average. We went back in RR lodge to rest and we decided to wake up early to see the sunrise in the beach,

We woke up early as 5am to visit the beach and swim in a clear water of Santa Fe beach. We eat our last meal "Breakfast" in cuo cuo bar, restaurant before leaving the island. I left RR lodge around 8:30am to catch the 9am pump boat back in Iloilo since Dennis will exit in Cebu city he left in our room to take some rest. I arrived in Estancia, Iloilo around 1pm and eat my lunch at Andoks and headed to the Estancia bus terminal after. I ride a bus going to Iloilo city at 2pm, I arrived around 5:30pm at tagbak terminal.

Here's the travel guide. 


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