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Travel Guide : Tibiao Antique - How To Get There, Where To Stay, Things To do & Overnight Expenses

Looking for some fun and adventure over the weekend, you must try to dip in a warm big “KAWA” do relax and enjoy the overlooking view. Tibiao Antique is easily accessible by land from any point in Panay, since it is just a few hours away from travel gateways such as Iloilo, Kalibo and Boracay.

Kawa Hot Bath

Enjoy a unique experience in Tibiao by bathing in a hot Kawa (large frying pan), just like a Jacuzzi. This unique kawa hot bath will surely relieve the stresses in your body for only 200.00 per 30 minutes.

I would suggest that spend at least an overnight stay and do things that locals doing, you will know the experience of life that far from the crowded and noisy city. They will pass go through the wide river for the sake of buying some food to eat and their daily needs.
How To Get There


If you are Iloilo City go to Molo Terminal and look for bus or van bound to Culasi, Antique, make sure to tell the driver/conductor before you sit down, that you will drop off at Barangay Importante at Tibiao from there you can see the welcome arch. There is a lot of motorbike offer a trip to kayak inn for 70pesos/ person. Before you headed to kayak inn there is a tourism office on the way and you need to pay the environmental fee of 50pesos. 
Welcome Arch 

If you coming from Kalibo look a Ceres Bus bound to Iloilo via San Jose Antique, drop off at Brgy. Importante, Tibiao Antique

Where To Stay

We stay at Kayak Inn for overnight, there are 3 cottages available, make sure to call ate Sheila for reservation at +639215701947 prior to arrival. The cottage is basic with one double size bed and toiletries for only 500.00 good for two people, no air-conditioned needed because the weather is cold, you will wake up with a beautiful morning hearing the flowing river and birds are singing, do you think isn't cool?  The staff is very accommodating in comes to your needed, they also accept cooking service for a fee. 

An Overnight Cottage
Our Basic Room

Things to do

Tibiao Antique has many activities offer:
Trekking at different falls
Hot Bath at big Kawa

Overnight Expenses

Molo Terminal to Tibiao Antique – 360pesos roundtrip
Motorbike to Kayak Inn – 140pesos roundtrip
Environmental Fee – 50pesos
Overnight Cottage – 500pesos
Food – 200pesos
Kawa hot bath – 200pesos

Total- Php 1,450.00

Tips: Buy foods & Drinks before heading to Kayak Inn to lessen your expenses


  1. Isn't it scary there? Hehe. Just asking tho. But i's love to visit antique one day.

  2. Wow ! I am sooon visiting this place.

  3. I'd love to try the Kawa Hot Bath. I'm wondering if there's another place that offers this one. I find it impossible to go there since its too far from my home.

  4. I'd love to try the Kawa Hot Bath. I'm wondering if there's another place that offers this one. I find it impossible to go there since its too far from my home.

  5. I first saw this Kawa bath from PusangKalye blog and then I saw it being featured in KMJS and it made me really want to try it... how long can you stay in that kawa bath by the way? For 200peses, it was really worth a try! I want to experience it someday!

    1. It's 30 minutes, pero pag walang pila Unlimited. :)

  6. I really want to experience that hot bath in Kawa! Looks so relaxing!

  7. Antique has always intrigued me!!! And your post made me want to go there :)

  8. What a detailed guide! That kawa bath is really unique! :D

  9. Another great travel/info post! ^__^ Ang saya nung rooms, but doesn't it seem scary at night? Hehe. Yung hot bath though... tempting. :)

  10. Always wanted to try the Kawa Bathing. Bedn in antique but not on this part. Great guide! :)

  11. Wow! How much is the expenses from Manila?

  12. That hot kawa - I wanna try that.. I really have to book my flight now.

  13. looks like a beautiful place to visit + it won't probably be as crowded as the other summer destinations around. I hope I could go o this place with my boys one day! :)


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