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Camiguin Island Adventure

Cumuigin Island is one of my travel wish list back 2013, three months before my travel start last December 2014. I planned to visit this island because of Sunken Cemetery, to taste the original Vandep Pastel and a lot more that Camuigin island can offer to me. I decided to stay for 4 days and 3 nights so that i can relax and have time to explore the beauty of it.

Selfie with Sunken Cemetery
From  Butuan Bus Terminal I  ride Cagayan De Oro Bound Van  around 5:30 am to Balingo-an, Misamis Oriental, travel time about 2 hours . I told the driver to  Drop me off at highway intersection going to Balingo-an Peir I arrived around 7: 30am.  When the van unload, I walk about 100 meters approx and inquire about ferry going to Camiguin. I bought ticket for Bonini Port, Mahinog, Camuigin (fare P145.00 Student & P165.00 regular)

Ticket to Bonini Port Camuigin

I await till the "MV HIYUM" (Slow) ferry arrived, while waiting i walk outside and looking some carenderia stall for quick breakfast. After 15 minutes finally Mv Hiyum arrived, I rush back to boarding area to board the ferry.

Boarded at MV HIYUM

 The ferry leaving balingo-an pier by 8:30am, we arrived at bonini port around 9:50am, after we disembark i rush myself  to walk outside  the port and ask some locals on how get mambajao proper. There is a lot of people offering a day tour and motorbike ride to mambajao i refuse all of them because I'm on a tight budget instead, I walk 200 meters from the exit gate of port and luckily i have seen a  jeep bound for mambajao the fare is 20 pesos . The people their are very helpful they don't take advantage the tourist. I ask my seatmate where to drop off at mambajao that near in GV hotel she told me that hotel are in the main road so nothing to worry , she guide me well and have some conversation regarding on a spot that i won't miss before  leaving camuigin  island.

GV Hotel 

Before i headed to camiguin island i research some accommodation that accessible, cheap and fit  on my budget, luckily i found GV hotel and  I like their location because near at Church, Plaza and Market. I booked my accommodation thru their website at

Sunken Cemetry

I arrived exactly 10:45am at my hotel, after I checked in I went to my room and  leave  my things. I went back to the receptionist ask where the Vandep restaurant is located. I walk 500 meters going to parola where vandep restaurant is located and have some lunch and taste the vandep pasel before take some rest.

Vandep delicious Pastel
After i ate my lunch i went back to Gv hotel, while in on my way i notice that camiguin island are using paper bag instead of plastic the government strictly implement the ordinance, I like Camuigin island because its not to much crowded by tourist and you can relax well as i expected. 

Guiob Ruin Church 

The next day i woke around 7:30 in the morning  without plan of what to do on the day . I ask the receptionist where i can find the parking area bound for catarman because Sunken Cemetery and Guiob Ruins Church are located there. I walk going to their wet market ask the locals where i can find a jeep bound for Catarman. There many locals offer me a tours but i declined because i don't have enough fund so I decided to commute instead of charted motorbike going to catarman.I pay 20 pesos for 30 mins jeep ride going to my first destination " Sunken Cemetery" at cataraman, if you want to commute make sure  you have enough time because Jeep are very infrequent in the island.

Guiob Ruins Church back
The driver drop me off at the main entrance of  Sunken Cemetery, i walk to the beach and have some photo ops of popular Sunken Cemetery, after a couple minutes i went outside and walk about 600 meters going to Guiob Ruin Church because i don't see any jeep or motorela to hire, it's safe to walk around at camiguin island. I went inside of Guiob Church to have some picture, after i take some photos i went back to the main road hoping to find some jeep or motorela bound to mambajao proper, 30 minutes later still no jeep. I buy some food to eat at sari sari store near in ruins church and wait again, 20 minutes later still no jeep but finally after almost an hour, I'm still lucky because the owner of the sari sari store are going to mambajao and he offer me a ride for free.
Interior of Guiob Ruins Church
When i arrived at mambajao around 12 noon I ate my lunch and continue my journey, I ask some locals on how to get at Katibawasan falls, I hire motorbike for 150 pesos round trip from mambajao market to katibawan falls. I pay 20 pesos for entrance fee and my driver awaited for a couple of minutes, that time there is a lot tourist in the site so i can't get more photos, so i deiced to move out and back to my hotel and have some rest.
Katibawasan Falls

My third day in Camiguin was my relax day, I stay at my room the whole day  because i can't continue exploring due to heavy rain, I said to my self that  i will back here again.I  packed my things so that I'm ready for early morning trip back to Cagayan de oro.

Ticket for Bonini - Balingoan
 I woke up early morning to catch the first trip (Slow) Ferry at 4am . I checked out in my hotel at 2:50 in the morning to catch first trip van going to bonini port  by 3am (Fare P30). The van leaving mambajao around 3:20 am travel time from mambajao to bonini port is 30 minutes. When we arrived at bonini port at 3:50am luckily the ferry is calling for last passenger because they will leaves in couple of minutes. I bought ticket for balingoan (fare 144.50 student & 164.50 regular). When i arrived in balingoan i went to the terminal and ride a regular bus bound for cagayan de oro (fare P70) for 2 hours and 30 minutes. after i arrived at cagayan de oro i checked in at Cagayan Park View Hotel and continue my journey at Mindanao.

i will post soon the travel guide and summary of  my expenses. :)  

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