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Beautiful Place To Remember | Cuyo Island, Palawan

Capusan Beach
 Crystal Clear Water
Cuyo is the oldest town in Palawan which has a culture of its own and was preserved for more than 350 years. During the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, Cuyo became the second capital of Palawan from 1873 to 1903. Cuyo island is located between Panay island and Palawan Island.

When my friend invites me to travel Palawan, I'm so excited to visit that place, Palawan is on my wish list so i don't waste my time I planned that will visit Cuyo Island first before heading to Puerto Princesa City.

  Port of Cuyo Isalnd, Palawan

There are two vessels crossing  the island with route ILOILO-CUYO-PUERTO PRINCESA and vice versa.
The Milagrosa Shipping Lines and Montenegro Shipping Lines are  located at Lapuz, Iloilo City.

Agneta Edlund of Sweden 
We decided to take Milagrosa because it leaves by evening and arrives early in the morning. With this, we will have an ample time to explore the beautiful island of Cuyo.

Milagrosa Fare
Regular - ?
Student - ?
Regular - Php 1,150.00 
Student - Php 920.00
Regular - Php 950.00
Student - 760.00

Schedule of Milagrosa from Iloilo to Cuyo is every Monday and Thursday at 7:00pm, for Montenegro is Wednesday only at 8am.

Cuyo Island, Lighthouse
What most I like about Cuyo, is that people are kind, generous, and very helpful. They do not take advantage of the tourist. Most of the  people there  are from the northern part of Iloilo.

Kuya Winnie
I met kuya Wennie aboard on his way back home, he bring his father to Iloilo for general check up because cuyo island doesn't have a big hospital. Kuya Wennie is our driver and at the same time our tour guide.

We arrived in Cuyo Island around 9 in the morning and we have 6 hours to explore cuyo before we straight to Puerto Princesa ,After we disembark in the ferry kuya wennie instruct us on where to go first while waiting him to get his tricycle in their house. We went to Capusan Beach just a couple of minutes from Cuyo Port with my travel buddy and the Swedish national, Agneta ask me if she can go with us touring around cuyo. 

We start our tour around 10am, kuya wennie ask us about where we are planing to go. I came to my mind that time to visit the house of Ploning a movie of Judy Ann Santos that shoot  in the Island.


Cuyo Island has its own airfield, but no commercial airline fly to this island only handles private plane, but before sea air has a flight to cuyo, I don't know what happen why they stopped to operate.

Ploning House

The house are ruined because they don't maintain it, the movie shoot back 2008, after Ploning house we headed to Magsaysay town and Cuyo airport before going back to Capusan Beach, we pay kuya wennie of 350.00 for our tour fee.

We ate our lunch in one of Carenderia in the port, I ordered a calamares, vegetable and rice for 50 pesos, also agneta treat us a drink and the middle of the day we drink a beer, hahaha she told me beer is just like a water in Sweden.

View deck from Cuyo Fortress Church
We decided to relax in the capusan beach while waiting the ferry to leave, because have  3 hours left to stay Cuyo Island. Exactly 3pm we the ferry leaves Cuyo island, it's sad to say goodbye Cuyo, but one of this day I will revisit the island alone just to spend a couple of days . Cuyo Island is also a good spot for people who loves Kite Surfing.

Dayon Kamu ( Please Come In)

Cuyo Fortress Church
Matamang Salamat (Thank you very much)

Our Service

What are you waiting for? Plan it now and leave all your stress behind. Pack your things up and be ready because Cuyo island is waiting for you to arrive.


  1. Can't wait to see Cuyo island soon!!

  2. Looks like a quiet and peaceful town. I have been all over the Philippines, but never to this place. For sure, it will be in the future. Thanks for this post.

  3. Ang ganda talaga ng Palawan! Jan pala shinoot ang ploning. I love that movie!

  4. I really admire the beauty of Palawan! Will visit Palawan soon!


  5. Hello Paolo!

    When I went to Puerto Princesa last year, I remember the tour guide mentioned that one of the local dialects in Palawan is Cuyonin. I figured it originates from Cuyo.

    I've never been there and I just realized there are so much to explore in Palawan. I'm definitely going there when I return. I've seen Ploning and I do remember loving the sceneries in the movie.

    1. I must suggest if you coming from manila just choose Iloilo instead of Puerto Princesa, Since Iloilo -Cuyo is almost 14 hours unlike Puerto Princesa- Cuyo is about 19-20 hours :)

  6. That is a beautiful island. I haven't heard of Cuyo before but this looks like a good place to include in my summer bucket list. Thanks for sharing.

  7. That is a beautiful island. I haven't heard of Cuyo before but this looks like a good place to include in my summer bucket list. Thanks for sharing.

    1. yes, right decision


  8. I have never been in palawan and that is on my list this year. It really shows you had a great time in palawan.

  9. I hope that we can come here soon, looks like an awesome place to explore!

  10. it seems really peaceful in that town.. When talking about Palawan usually they think about either Coron or El Nido but Cuyo is more like a hidden treasure that is truly worth checking
    thanks for sharing Pao

  11. Thanks for this! will be traveling to Palawan soon and I needed this <3

  12. Seem like a great place to have a getaway to. Hopefully the travel isn't that bad. Im not so good with the slow pump boats.

  13. What about 4/3G signal? While this seems to be a good place to unwind, there are times that we need to get connected. What telco is providing the strongest signal?

  14. this is such a lovely quaint place to visit in Palawan, i sure hope to go there with my boys someday. i love Ploning, i thought everything about their sleepy town is idyllic.

  15. hope to see you back in Cuyo Island again, there's a lot of changes and prosper...thank you...

    ako Cuyonon

    1. Hi! Crispie Thank you for dropping by, will plan to visit again before to end this year . :)


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