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Exploring Tokyo, Japan

Japan is one of the country in my travel goals before getting married or to settle down. In my college days I always watch an anime in Tv and one of my favorites is the YAKITATI JAPAN at first I never ever expected that my dream will come true. 

Taito-ku , Ueno 
When I applied a Japan Visa I fly to Manila from my work place in Boracay Island because some of the accredited agencies are located in Metro Manila. 2 weeks before my flight I collect all the requirements needed of the embassy.

Tokyo National Museum 
I applied my visa through Reli tours & Travel Agency and i paid 950.00 pesos for their handling fee. After 10 days I got a text message from the agency stated the my passport is ready for pick-up, but instead they send it to me via courier. 

Narita International Airport T3
I received my passport and I am so happy that my application got approved the happiness and tears in eyes when I saw a Visa on my Passport. 

I fly to Japan via Tokyo after 1 month and I can't believe that I am in Japan already.  My first impression is Japan is a great country. The people are hospitable and they are more happy to help if you are lost and can't find your destination. 

I arrived at Narita International Airport around 6 in the morning and the weather is cool. I ride an Kensei Train from Narita T2 to Ueno Station and took about 1.5 hours to reach Ueno. When I arrived at Ueno I went to the tourism booth located just beside the exit door of the station to get a map and guidebook. I walk going to the Tokyo National Museum, but I'm lost luckily the roaming guard help and guide me in the right way to the Museum despite of language barrier.

Meiji Jingu Shrine
Inside of National Museum I tried to make a Japanese character workshop and i paid 100 Yen, one of the volunteers teach me on how to write using their pen. It was a great experience. 


After visiting the museum I went to the Ueno park just in front before heading to Minowa where my booked place to stay is located. Upon arrival in Minowa station I ask some of the staff on how to get in my place, they're very helpful despite they don't speak English well. Upon arrival at my place a friendly staff assisting me on my stay. I sleep for a couple of hours to recharge and explore more at night in Ameyoko to try the authentic ramen and  sushi. 

Me Ate Ruby  and Kuya Gary

Hachicko Statue
The next morning I woke up to prepare to go to Shibuya. When I arrived, I met a Filipino guy who is also on solo travel He waits her cousin to arrived who's based in Japan. When ate Ruby arrived she invited us to have a coffee in the Starbucks while watching the people crossing in the pedestrian lane or known as Shibuya Crossing and we visited also the statue of Hachiko located beside shibuya station. we toured around shibuya and ended up to have lunch in one of restaurant in Shibuya. 
Meiji Jingu Shrine

Taito-ku Ueno at night
I visited Meiji shrine before I go home to take a rest, I love walking is in Tokyo, but my 2 feet give up on me. So  i went home before the sun is set. 


On the third day I was so sad because it is my last day in Tokyo. I prepared my things and headed to Ueno park for past time because my flight back to the Philippines is at 7:35pm. I enjoyed staying in Ueno park because there's a lot of entertainer just like the show in the Tv.  

3 days in Tokyo is really not enough, but I enjoyed so much and I will come back again soon if I got a chance maybe in Osaka. 

Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita JAPAN


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