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Fast Action of 911 Service and The Police Officer of Davao City

From Abreeza, Ayala Mall I ride a taxi going to the Davao Bus Terminal in Ecoland. After 15 minutes we arrived at the terminal and I pay the fare. When I left the taxi I noticed that my wallet is not in my pocket, so I went back to check the taxi but it's already left. 
I told the barker outside if they saw the taxi, and they replied no instead they tell me to go to 911 service centers to view the CCTV and locate the taxi. 

From the terminal I walk about 500 meters going to the office of 911. Upon arrival I talk  to the staff and they said that I need to go to a police station to file a blotter and bring it back to them with a police official. So I go to the sub-station near the area and filed a blotter, after a couple of minutes, PO1 Gonzalez and I went to the office of 911 with his serviced vehicle together with a copy of blotter.

The staff of 911 service is very approachable after of inspection of my things we headed into the office and waited for the person in-charge on CCTV viewing. 

I was amazed as I can the whole primary street of Davao City on the Monitor of CCTV. One of the staff assisted me to find the name of the taxi with the Body and Plate number.

I was not hoping that my wallet will be found. After reviewing the CCTV and they find the taxi I ride with. they gave me a plate and the body number of the taxi. The staff told me to call the operator. The sad thing they don't know the number and PO1 Gonzales helped me out. So we left the office and back to the sub-station of Sandawa, after 10 minutes I find a taxi with the same name and PO1 Gonzalez ask the driver politely the number of Operator. 

We called the number that the driver gave us, so we talked to the operator and he told me to hold on because they locate it as soon as possible. Good thing the operator is understanding and willing to help me.

After 30 minutes of waiting the driver of the taxi return my wallet and
I was so happy, but when I opened it I found out that 
The 50% of total cash was lost and the driver doesn't know it.
He Told me that he never opened it. 

I can't blame and accuse him because in the first place I didn't see it. 
instead I thank him so much for returning my wallet.
I really appreciate all the effort that they gave in this case. 

I went back to the bus terminal and continue my journey to
General Santos City.

Thank you so much PO1 Jason Gonzalez of Sandawa Sub-station for the help.



  1. It is very good that there is such a service that is able to react quickly and save someone


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