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Get a taste of sweet Mango of Guimaras Island

Guimaras island is well known of their sweet mango, every year the local government celebrates the Mangahan Festival in this way to thank for the good harvest of Mango.

This year the event was started last May 11 until May 22,2016, I am just excited to do it again the Eat all you Can Mango, Yes! Eat until the  last space in your stomach, but, they have a time limit of 30 minutes for the fee of 80 pesos  per person.

Before to do it, make sure your stomach is ready in this kind of eat all you can because sometimes we cannot predict “ The call of nature” hehe.

From Iloilo I ride a pump boat in Ortiz Wharf to Jordan wharf and fare is 14 pesos, travel time approximately 15 minutes, I was lucky that I met the 8 ederly woman (senior citizen) in the pumpboat crossing to Guimaras Island, I admire them because of age 70s+ they can manage to travel from Victoria, Negros Occidental to Guimaras island, so I decided to help and guide them until they picked it up of the mobile pulis, They invite to join them and drop me off in the Provincial Capitol where the event was held, I find out that the Provincial Commander of the Island is their student and contact person, so It means I save 13 pesos fare from the Jordan wharf to Provincial Capitol.

I started the Eat all you can Mango at 8:45 am until 9:15 am because of its sweetness  in 30 minutes I was consumed 9 pieces of Mango let say the estimated kilos is 2.5, Yes and I get full my 80 pesos is worth it and enjoyable, it is also good in Family bonding. 

After the Eat you can I headed to Trappist Abbey this Monastery are the only one in the Philippines, you can pray with peace.

The other things to do is to Visit the Nearby Beaches.

One of the known beach in Guimaras Island.

Guisi is one of the long time known tourist destination in Barangay Dolores in Municipality of Nueva Valencia in the Island of Guimaras. Guisi beach is blessed with a golden yellow sand and a clear water. located the one oldest light house in the Philippines. 

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