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Coron Westown Resort Palawan | Overnight Luxurious Staycation: Coron Island, Palawan

Main Entrance
We are about to leave Franciso B. Reyes Airport/ Busuanga Airport, when Skyjet Airline announced that my flight was cancelled. According to them due to technical problem but according to other passengers, the plane that we’re about to use has not yet departed from Basco Batanes.  

Indoor Garden
The other passengers of Skyjet Airline decided to transfer to Cebu Pacific, I am thankful that my flight was cancelled because I have a reason to stay another night. The two couples, Mr. and Mrs. Lim and Tan talked to me to stay another night and I asked them if it is full board accommodation, they said, “yes” so I rushed myself to the check -in counter and talked to the staff that I don't want to ride in Cebu Pacific so I stayed in Coron for one more night.

We a total of 5 passengers left in Coron, the other 15 are taking Cebu Pacific going to Manila, so we got our check-in baggage at the counter then transferred them to the shuttle van going to Coron Westown Resort. We arrived at Coron Westown resort in 30 minutes because the resort is just near in the airport.

Overlooking view from the 4th floor of the building 

When I arrived at the resort, a beautiful landscape and exterior design caught my eyes. I booked a deluxe room for my overnight stay. My room is spacious, located at the 4th floor of the building equipped with a queen size bed, a working table, air-conditioner, 32" flat screen TV with satellite Chanel, free wifi in the lobby, safety deposit box, Telephone, hot and cold shower, toiletries such as dental kit, soap, shampoo, conditioner and shower cap, coffee and tea maker, mini bar, and complimentary bottle water.
Deluxe Room
Comfortable Bed     
This charmingly room offers to their guest a spacious and modern resort experience with a mountain view behind the resort and measured about 30sqm. 

Seating Area

Spacious Comport Room
I slept for awhile after I checked-in so that I have more energy to swim in their friendly swimming pool. The one thing I like about their pool is that you can choose between 3 feet to 10 feet and it's an advantage if you have kids.

Friendly Swimming Pool
They have 4 swimming pools to choose from, in the upper part is 3 feet and 5 feet, the lower part is 4 feet to 10 feet. If you want to relax with soothing bubbles surrounding your aching body. Be pampered by the water jet pool side Jacuzzi, surrounded by comfortable lounges chair and umbrellas for their guest’s comfort.
Pool side Jacuzzi
Pool Side Jacuzzi 
After an hour of swimming I felt hungry so I decided to have my dinner together with the two couples, we headed to their Restaurant Cafe. We ordered Crispy Pata, Gambas, Garlic Crabs, Mushroom Soup, Vegetable and Rice. Wow! Yum!

Our Delicious Dinner 
We were so full after having that delicious dinner, beforehand I told them that I'm on a budget travel, the 1,700 pesos is shouldered by the Airline and the remaining balance was paid by the couple. I said to myself how lucky am I to stay in the luxurious resort with a very nice company. We went back to the pool to continue our swimming after our spontaneous dinner until 10pm and called it a night.

Filipino Buffet Breakfast
I woke up early to do my short running routine before having my breakfast. They offered a Filipino breakfast buffet.

Freshly slice of Fruits and Pastries  
I’d like to stay more nights but it’s sad because I need to leave the resort, especially Coron Island. I prepared my backpack after my breakfast and waited for the shuttle going to Francisco B. Reyes Airport. That was one experience I would never have expected to want more.

Other Information: 

National Highway, Sitio Dipulao, 
Brgy. Poblacion 6, 5316 Coron, Philippines


  1. lucky you ... hihihihi .... ang sarap pag naka libre.. lol

  2. Haven't been to Coron. Will keep this hotel in mind. You enjoyed a lot ha!

  3. Been aching to go to Palawan for some time now. Will definitely check this place out. Looks swanky.
    -Gino of

  4. Photos show that you had a great time. It's a good post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ahhh beautiful resort talaga! Your first photo made me look at it twice because I thought it was taken in Cebu. Super the same yung design ng facade sa Coron at Cebu. Haha! I love the Cebu resort so I would definitely try their Coron "branch" if ever mapunta kami doon. HAHA

    xx, Janine | Wandering Ella

  6. This is a nice resort. When I went to Coron we stayed somewhere near town. Lucky you to be staying on this one. I'd like to go back to Coron again in the future.

  7. wow, you are so lucky.. who would have thought that you can get something really nice out of your cancelled flight! You are so lucky to be in a company of good people!
    Thank you for sharing us your great experience!

  8. So lucky!! That looks like a very nice resort. I never been at Coron! But hopefully I could make it soon! Thank you for sharing

  9. This place looks so beautiful. And, the food you're having s so delicious. Great!

  10. Silver lining on such an unfortunate event! And libre pa! Plus that pool looks so inviting. You are so lucky!

  11. If I have to stay in that kind of place, I'd probably celebrate the cancelled flight too haha... The hotel looks amazing.

  12. That's an extravagant treat but you deserve it, cancelled flights are unnecessary hassle.

  13. That's a pretty nice consolation for a cancelled flight... Looks like you enjoyed a lot!

  14. Haven't been to Coron but this sure looks enticing! Bookmarking for our next trip.

  15. Haven't been to Coron but this sure looks enticing! Bookmarking for our next trip.

  16. Judging on the pics you've shared, looks like you had a grand time! The place looks elegant too!

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