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Balay Negrense | Silay City, Negros Occidental

My trip in Negros Occidental will not be complete if I can't visit Silay City. Where all of heritage houses are located there, especially the ancestral house of Victor F. Gaston & family, known as Balay Negrense.

Balay Legrense exterior
It's about 20 minutes ride from the terminal that located on Mandalagan Street, I wait until the Jeep gets full before leaving the terminal. The fare is only 16 pesos to Silay City and I tell the driver that he will drop me  off at El ideal Restaurant. From there I walk about 5 minutes to Balay Negrense.

Main Entrance
I need to pay 60 pesos for entrance fee, before I can go straight and explore the house. The girl told me that my money will go as salary of an employee who maintaining the house and  maintenance of it, Good to know! They have in house tour guide who explaining the history of Balay Negrense.

Latest Entrance Fee

Main Stairs
The tour guide explains to us why is it there are two stairs going to second floor, she told us that the purpose of it is to separate the girls and boys and to avoid voyeurism because that time the people is very conservative. The chairs are for their elderly guest that need to take a rest before heading to the second floor. 

Second Floor Living Area
They have two living areas on the first floor are for farmer visitor  and the second floor is for their VIP guest. I like the VIP guest living area because its spacious and most of the bedrooms are located on the second floor. The house is well maintained and I like our tour guide because she explain well.

One of the Bedrooms
I remember those times that we have a typewriter in our house instead of  a computer. The things inside the house are maintained, It's sad I can't go inside because it's not allowed and  to avoid damages of antique things.

Dinning Area

Antique Electric Fan 

Portrait of  Victor Gaston

This veranda has a purpose as the tour guide discuss about it, she told us that veranda is for the family watching the parade on the street, because that time they do not participate to the farmer. 

I learned a lot about the history of Balay Legrense, after my quick visit I headed to their wet market and buy some delicacies like Kalamay Hati which is my all time favorite its a sugar with coconut milk and I can say that it's delicious. 


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